Spring is a refreshing season where we change the direction of our wardrobe by packing away our bulky sweaters and embracing milder weather and exciting, new fashion statements.  It is a time to indulge in emerging new trends that involve a transformation of colors, patterns, and new ways to accessorize those looks.  Many local boutiques are gearing up for the change of seasons, and here is a look at what these fashion experts and business owners have tapped into on the trending Spring fashion scene.

Susie Keuck, owner of Nouvelle Eve, offers a wealth of trends that are projected to be at the top of the list for spring fashion.  Stripes, vintage beading, military influences, maxi dresses, French quotes, lace, and vegan leather are among the most notable thus far.  Nouvelle Eve offers a sampling of all of these trends in their boutique selection, including great vegan leather jackets in neutrals and a couple surprising colors, several gorgeous maxi dress styles by Karen Kane and Sweet Pea, fabulous beaded tops from Free People, and beautiful scarves from Wrapped and Peace, Love, World.  Keuck also projects the color of the season will be green, featuring several unique shades from emerald to mint.  As far as how to introduce new items to your existing wardrobe, Keuck suggests trying a 50/50 approach for Spring by mixing and matching pieces you already have in your wardrobe with several must-have new pieces.  You can simply add a pop of color with a light, fresh scarf or a beautiful new Spring-colored tee by Michael Stars.  As with all other seasons, don’t forget accessories, accessories, and MORE accessories!  Anytime you visit Nouvelle Eve, their team will be more than happy to help you update your wardrobe and assure that you are ready to turn some heads this spring. They take pride in making every customer feel good about themselves, and will always offer an honest opinion to help you be fashionable while achieving your personal aspirations.

Modern-fit clothing also continues to trend into spring, and adds noticeable touches to many wardrobe staples.  This includes slimmer fit jackets with narrow lapels, and shorter pants that are cut slimmer to have a smooth silhouette and flat front.  Shirts are featuring a trim cut and have a smooth appearance.  Clothing textiles for spring are trending toward super-fine, natural stretch wool, which is also being seen more year-round.  This type of wool, as well as other textiles that will be seen in this spring, are ideal for year-round wear because they travel well, are appropriate for many different activities, can be dressed up or down and for different types of weather, and remain looking great throughout any busy day.  Jackets and pants can be worn as a suit, which is also ideal for year-round wear.  Shoes will feature sleek, tie or slip-on styles, and compliment the modern clothing nicely.  Dick Lerner, owner of Bel Air Fashions, notes that even though we are moving towards a season known for its lighter, pastel colors; black will remain on the scene as a dominant clothing color for spring.  Charcoal and taupe will also remain on-trend into spring, and these colors are mostly being used as solid as opposed to utilized in patterns, with the exception of scarves.  A variety of muted versions of these colors are becoming increasingly popular as well.  Bel Air Fashions offers a variety of modern fit clothing for both men and women that can be worn dressed up or down and mix-n-matched with other items in your current wardrobe.  For professional or business casual, the garments trending for spring are ideal for maximizing the clothing dollar to yield a great return on your investment, and it is one that pays dividends over and over.  This is why it is important, during any season, to have fun with trends but to make sure your purchases are flexible enough to not be limited to any one season or for only a few months.  It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up your wardrobe, and one way to evaluate what you need to add is to take a look at the colors available for the new season to see what you don’t already have.  Adding a top in a new color can give the appearance of a brand new outfit.  You may only need to add a few new tops and bottoms that will create many additional outfits in your wardrobe.  With new trends available each season you have the freedom to see what works best for you.  What may look good on the rack may not make sense in your wardrobe.  Make sure your garments won’t look flimsy or wrinkled five minutes after you put it on, and that they flatter your individual body style and taste.  Lerner’s best advice is to have a plan, as he says it is better to have fewer clothes that create many outfits as opposed to a closet chock full of clothing and yet nothing to wear.  It is important to have options that will work to dress up or down, as well as making conscious purchasing decisions so that you have all of the right clothing items that gives you maximum flexibility and will help you to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Scarves are a huge trend that will continue into spring for women, and bowties are a great spring trend for men.  Both can have fun prints and a range of bright colors and different textures and are the perfect accessory to any outfit.  Beka Doolittle, owner of online boutique The Pink Store, is always excited when pink is on trend, which it will be this spring!  Pink is always a popular spring color with many different hues that can complement any woman OR man, and offers a refreshing, upbeat pop of color after a long, drab winter.  Thepinkstore.com has an adorable array of infinity scarves by Ferdi, and they come in many lightweight styles for spring.  Doolittle says they will be adding more bowties soon, and she loves seeing trendy guys sporting this fun look!  If scarves aren’t your thing, adding a colored or patterned sash to a chevron bag will give the same light and fluttery effect without having to actually wear it.  Also, you can add a big ring with some bling to bring you right into the season.  Thepinkstore.com will also be adding some fun, on-trend merchandise for girls in addition to their full selection of women’s items as Doolittle has found some adorable tops and dresses with pink in them that give a feminine feel with spring style.  Additionally, their upcoming annual Spring Fling event  is geared especially towards “flinging” your winter accessories into storage and putting a “spring” in your step by adding fun, bright accessories in their place.  In conjunction with Spring Fling, thepinkstore.com has just signed up to offer special discounts during the month of April with Pickit, which is a mobile app that connects retailers to non-profit organizations. Pickit offers thepinkstore.com shoppers an app that allows you to enter a special code for shopping in their online store that gives you access to all current specials and sales.  A percentage of profits from using this app will go to the local Girls on the Run organization which inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

There are so many ways to add a fresh kick to your wardrobe for spring that you can take any direction you choose and make a fashion statement with ease.  So as spring approaches, put those boots and sweaters away and grab yourself a lightweight, colorful scarf or a great maxi dress and head out into the mild weather and sunshine with style!