Retirement is like a brand new chapter in life. Just as a book has different chapters, each representing a unique part of the story, retirement marks a turning point – a fresh beginning where seniors have the chance to take it easy after years of work and explore their passions.

Just like the transition from one chapter to another in a book, retirement can bring mixed emotions. On one hand, it may bring excitement and anticipation for the freedom and leisure that lie ahead. On the other hand, it can bring a sense of uncertainty or even a bit of apprehension about what lies beyond their familiar work routines.

However, as seniors turn the page to retirement, they find themselves opening up to a world of possibilities. The constraints of a regular work schedule disappear, and they gain the freedom to explore new interests, hobbies and activities that might have been put on hold during their busy working years. Whether it’s pursuing a long-lost passion, traveling to new destinations, spending more time with loved ones or simply taking time to relax and enjoy life, retirement offers a chance to live life on one’s own terms.

Though life at an older age is a jumble of emotions, the professionals in Omaha are ready to help make life the best it can be. With them by your side, you don’t need to worry about what the future holds.

Johan Dovlo

Extra Care for Your Loved Ones

When caring for senior citizens, it’s important to understand their unique needs and preferences. At Xtrakare, they understand how difficult it can be to choose the best care provider for your loved one’s unique situation. That’s why they ask questions, answer questions and above all, prioritize the safety and comfort of their clients.

Owner Johan Dovlo ensures that all seniors and their families feel at ease and have a friendly connection with their assigned caregiver. From the start, they care for seniors with respect, comfort and attention to their well-being. According to Dovlo, “Every senior has a unique story, and at Xtrakare, we’re privileged to be a part of it.”

At Xtrakare, they begin with a detailed and caring chat with their new senior citizens to understand their special needs and likes. They ask questions pertaining to their medical history as well as to things that could make their life better such as their favorite activities/hobbies, if they would prefer a male or female caregiver and if they have any religious practices that should be respected. Along with the questions they ask, they thoroughly answer any questions their clients have.

When working with Xtrakare, safety is a priority. As such, their services are flexible and personalized to meet the changing needs of seniors. Xtrakare goes above and beyond to ensure family members have peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for by professionals.

Mindy Matheny
Brookestone Meadows

The Expenses of Long-Term Care

Before entering the process of caring for senior citizens, knowing what type of insurance they have is crucial. Many family members seeking assistance for loved ones don’t know if they have traditional Medicare or a managed Medicare plan, and are often surprised at how big the difference between the two is. At Brookestone Meadows, they know how important it is to know those differences and to know if the senior has supplemental insurance and a long-term care insurance policy to help with expenses.

“When planning for a significant life change and looking into the expenses related to senior care, we always encourage that you speak with a financial advisor. A financial advisor is going to be able to analyze your costs, income and medical insurance plans. They will be able to create savings goals for your future care needs,” shared Admissions Coordinator Mindy Matheny.

Though long-term care can be expensive, Brookestone Meadows does everything they can to ensure that the quality of care is well worth the value. Providing 24-hour care for seniors, Brookestone Meadows provides laundry, housekeeping services and meals and snacks. They also provide nursing care, medication management and assistance with a variety of daily activities. One of the biggest benefits for seniors at Brookestone Meadows is the activity and socialization available.

Brookestone Meadows welcomes all new residents by treating them to a few welcome goodies, including a tote bag, calendar, notebook and pen, along with a handwritten welcome card.  A member of their admission team greets the new resident upon arrival and reviews all admission documents with them and allows time for any questions that may arise.

Exceptional Memory Care

No two people need the exact same treatment, and senior living cannot be a one-size fits all for people of similar care needs. For those in need of memory care and assisted living, it is highly important that each individual receives customized care that meets each resident’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. At Prairie Meadows Alzheimer’s Care Center, they know the importance of specialized care, and start every interaction with a tailored approach.

Before residents move into Prairie Meadows Alzheimer’s Care Center, they must complete customized assessments so an individual care plan can be created. Whether your loved one requires some help with the activities of daily living (ADLs) or is living with the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, their dedicated staff takes great pride in delivering high-quality care that is compassionate, safe and resident-centered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Prairie Meadows Alzheimer’s Care Center takes the extra time to continually ask questions that will better their residents’ quality of life. Using tailor-fit assessment tools to evaluate each resident’s capabilities and strengths, their programs are designed to best meet each resident’s specific needs.

With a large percentage of the assisted living population living with dementia, it’s important to have communities like Prairie Meadows Alzheimer’s Care Center available. Finding specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia-related illness is an incredibly intricate and personal process that requires great attention to detail and excellent communication.

Mary Hiatt
Mary the
Medicare Lady

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

For many, anything related to the health industry can seem confusing and complicated. As we age, the need to understand healthcare costs and insurance coverage increases, but it can be difficult to understand all the facets involved with being a senior. That’s why Mary the Medicare Lady goes above and beyond to educate and help senior citizens.

“I love helping people of all ages find ways to save money on their prescriptions – they don’t even have to be a client of mine,” stated Mary Hiatt, Retirement and Insurance Advisor. “I’m a member of a Pharmacist-led organization whose sole purpose is to help agents design a strategy of sourcing more affordable options.”

Mary educates her clients to help them make decisions. “I want my clients to choose options based on what is best for their unique situation, not based on what a friend or a family member has chosen. I’ve even had husbands and wives in the same household sign up for different plans because that’s what made the most sense financially.” Mary’s clients become her friends and they know they can text, call or email her anytime. Periodically, Mary also sends emails and physical mail reminding clients to use their plan benefits and advise them of upcoming changes. Annually, she schedules meetings to review prescriptions and doctors, as laws and insurance plans change every year.

Being a senior citizen, or caring for one, means needing to be informed about the ever changing aspects of healthcare. Finding information you can trust can be challenging, but there are resources like Mary the Medicare Lady available to help you with every step.

Though retirement doesn’t automatically mean you will need senior living, being in good health doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of what senior living has to offer. Many members of the community recommend senior living before it’s necessary because it offers countless opportunities to live life to the fullest. We encourage you to take advantage of everything that is available to you!

From assisted living communities to home care to health and wellness, senior living can help you unwind, explore new interests and cherish special moments with family and friends without having to worry about what will happen in the future. The professionals of Omaha are here to help you break away from the hustle and bustle of work life to enjoy the freedom and joy of retirement.