With each passing year in your life, prioritizing health becomes increasingly necessary and important. As you journey into your golden years, it’s imperative to embrace mindfulness and healthy habits to ensure longevity and the best possible quality of life.

The following businesses are here to help you on your journey toward senior wellness. Don’t just add years to life but life to years!

Brookstone Meadows (brookestonemeadows.com) is unique among senior care facilities because of their focus on discharge and commitment to the same. Their advice for routines for seniors comes from Therapy Program Manager, Jill Churchill, OTR/L.

Jill Churchill
Brookestone Meadows

She says, “Developing a good daily routine of physical activity. This is so important to keep you independent with your self cares and reduce risk of falls later on in life. Exercise helps decrease anxiety, improves sleep and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Moving your body daily is a great habit that will make you feel good now and has long-term positive benefits.”

Brookestone Meadows’ approach to rehabilitation is meticulously designed to guarantee the long-term success and well-being of its patients, extending far beyond their stay at the facility.

The team at Brookestone Meadows recognizes that the ultimate goal is not only to provide excellent care during the patient’s time with them but also to equip individuals with the tools, support and resources necessary for a successful and sustainable life once they leave the facility. The comprehensive discharge planning ensures that individuals are well-prepared for the next phase of their journey, offering peace of mind to both patients and their families.

In the senior care industry, another pressing challenge revolves around the escalating demand for senior care services. This surge in demand is further exacerbated by a shortage of caregivers, a situation that significantly impacts the overall cost of care. Consequently, seniors are facing the daunting task of locating suitable care options that align with their financial constraints. With Summer 2024 right around the corner, many families and seniors are figuring out what the next steps are, taking cost, quality of care and the time they’ll be able to spend together into consideration.

See The Trainer (seethetrainer.com) recognizes the increased likelihood of unexpected injuries as individuals age and the subsequent need for effective rehabilitation to resume normal daily activities.

For seniors aspiring to maintain an active lifestyle and prevent or mitigate injuries, See The Trainer offers a diverse range of sports medicine products designed to protect against aggravating previous injuries or vulnerable body areas. In situations requiring surgery, See The Trainer extends its support through the rehabilitation phase. Owner Kristie Egan emphasizes their commitment to aiding those undergoing post-surgery or injury recovery by offering a variety of helpful products like canes, sock aids, bathroom accessories and more.

Kristie Egan
See The Trainer

“We understand the challenge of having to adjust your daily routine for weeks or months due to something unexpected. Our products can help you through your recovery, minimizing disruptions caused by health setbacks and ensuring everything heals properly so that you can get back to your pre-injury routine,” explained Kristie.

See The Trainer has been the premier provider of soft goods, rehabilitation and bracing products in the region since 1996. Their dedicated team takes pride in educating patients about their injuries and matching them with the most suitable products tailored to their specific needs.

Another facet of keeping seniors happy and healthy involves addressing the escalating demand for senior care services. This surge in demand, coupled with a scarcity of caregivers, significantly impacts the cost and availability of quality care options. Seniors and families are navigating complex decisions, considering factors like cost, care quality and the time they can spend together while seeking suitable care solutions.