Many times we take our chances with the professionals we choose to work on our vehicles, whether simply out of convenience or just because we really don’t know who is best out of the numerous options available.  However, it is of the utmost importance to do your research when making this decision as the integrity and value of your vehicle, as well as the safety of you and your passengers, is at stake!

Photo_Rick_Quistad_Jones_Automotive_Omaha_NebraskaWhen evaluating your options, Rick “Q” Quistad of Jones Automotive advises to consider several main factors.  “First, the longevity of the business is a solid indicator—the longer a shop has been in business the longer they have remained open because they have been doing the right things honestly and effectively.  On the same note, the more experience and education the staff has the more they have to offer, especially ASE Certified Master Technicians. It is a good idea to trust people who have always made a living keeping up with their trade and all of the technology that is involved.  Many shops have areas that they specialize in, so while almost any shop can do a great job with basic aspects such as brakes or struts, areas such as the air condition system or computer components as well as the ability to troubleshoot sets shops apart.  Also, make sure the company is fully insured and bonded—you may be surprised at how inadequately insured some repair shops are out there. Furthermore, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.  An A+ Certified BBB rating is the highest, which we take great pride in having achieved at Jones Automotive.  This rating is hard to come by, but it is an excellent indicator of quality establishments.”

Photo_Andy_Dingman_Dingmans_Collision_Omaha_NebraskaAndy Dingman, General Manager of Dingman’s Collision Center, offers several tips for finding reputable automotive professionals to repair and maintain your personal vehicle or company fleet:

“Choosing a reputable repair facility that will work for you and your best interests will most always lead to a positive experience. Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one; you can make better decisions when you are not rushed or in a panic. Ask friends, family, and associates for their recommendations. Even in this modern high-tech era, old-fashioned word-of-mouth reputation is still extremely valuable. Always try to visit the shop before making the decision on who will repair your vehicle. Look for a neat, well-organized facility with modern equipment. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend specific repair procedures and equipment for the repair of their vehicles. Ensure that the facility you choose is trained in these procedures and has the proper equipment. Look for signs of professionalism in the customer service area: civic/community service awards, memberships in local and national industry organizations, BBB rating, customer service awards, etc.  Ask if the staff is technically trained and competent; expect to see certificates including vehicle manufacturer training, paint manufacturer training, and training/certification from the Inter-Industry ASE Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR), a national standard of technician competence issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).  If your repairs involve an insurance claim or someone else is paying for the repair, select a repairer of your choosing! Do not allow the insurer to choose one for you. Nebraska state laws agree: It’s your vehicle and your choice of repairer!”

Photo_Boyd_Baillie_Superglass_Windshield_Repair_Omaha_NebraskaOne area of your car that gets less consideration when damaged is the windshield.  The windshield was designed to provide safe driving vision that is free of distractions, and professional windshield repair is most often a much better option than replacement. “Any company can make a repair that will hold the windshield together,” says Boyd Baillie, owner of SuperGlass Windshield Repair, “but to restore your windshield to safe driving conditions quickly and conveniently takes a commitment to providing the best repair possible. In fact, we’re able to avoid replacement and repair 98% of damaged windshields.  In addition to being more cost effective than a replacement, some compelling reasons to choose a windshield repair professional are increased safety, less down time without your vehicle, and it is far better for the environment.”

So when considering who you will choose to trust with the care of your vehicle(s), make sure to work with local professionals who have proved themselves as trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable. They DO exist, and would be happy to help you with you automotive needs!