As the snow begins to melt and temperatures start to warm up, one thing begins to happen: wedding season. Newly engaged women all over the city begin preparing bridesmaids, flowers and caterers. Don’t take on all the stress yourself! Here are a couple pointers and suggestions to get you started.

Getting in shape

The dress and the tux are some of the most important clothing you will wear in your life. You want to look your best right? Many brides and grooms-to-be feel they need to lose some extra holiday weight before their big day. “They find it important because of the expectations and memories that come with looking your best on your wedding day,” Brandon Stewart at New Dawn Nutrition said. “Wedding photos are a keepsake, and people want to look their best for them. Brides especially may have an ideal dress they are hoping to wear for their big day, and they want to look their best in it.”

One thing not to do to lose a few pounds is fad diets. “Some mistakes people make is they wait too long and try to crash diet a month or two before the wedding. At this point, they are using very temporary, and sometimes unhealthy methods to lose weight. They may resort to fad diets or gimmicks to lose a few pounds, only to regain it, and more, post-wedding,” Brandon said.

To help get you started on the right foot, Brandon suggests coming to see him early. “Come see us as early as possible! We can work with both the bride and groom on the three key elements of long-term weight management: nutrition/supplements, weight training and cardio. We also can discuss ways they can pursue the weight loss effort together, another key element in maintaining long term results,” Brandon said. “Whether you’re planning a wedding, or even planning another major events as a couple, come and see us early in the process so we can work with you on achieving and maintaining real results for the long term.”


When planning your wedding there are many things to decide upon. One of the most important, besides the ring and dress, is the venue. One place in near Omaha to consider hosting your wedding at is the Strategic Air and Space Museum.

“One of the spectacular features of the Strategic Air and Space Museum is the breathtaking glass atrium at the entrance of the museum housing the SR-71 Blackbird,” Angela Roeber, Director, Marketing and Public Relations at the Strategic Air and Space Museum said. “The space can accommodate an intimate wedding of 50 or allow for up to 300 guests. Larger groups of 100 to 2,000 guest can be accommodated in our exclusive hangars, which allows you to be seated right next to our aircraft collection.”

If the Museum sounds like the place to have your wedding, make sure to book in advance. “We want you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. I suggest calling as soon as you have your date selected. This way you can plan according to your schedule and timeline and not someone else’s,” Angela said.

When booking any venue, make sure to have your budget figured out before you start planning. “Before a bride and groom start looking at anything, they need to prepare a budget. This will help to create guidelines to start your search. Start by securing your venue for the reception as well as for the ceremony. If your venue does not have exclusive catering, I would recommend that you book a caterer and begin working on food selections,” Angela said. “The venue that you choose, as well as your caterers, may be able to assist you in more ways than you thought possible, which is always helpful when planning a wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their recommendations and suggestions.”

The Museum will also honor having outside caterers if that is what you prefer. “We honor an open catering policy which allows our patrons to choose their favorite caterer. Our list of recommended vendors offers suggestions to those patrons who are searching for an experienced caterer,” Angela said.

For groups over 200 guests, the Museum provides tables and chairs. Larger groups need to work with a rental company for additional seats. “We also have a sound system, screens, staging and podiums that are available for groups of any size,” Angela said. “Guests are encouraged to tour the entire museum. With over 300,000 square feet of space, interactive exhibits and a helpful, friendly staff, your event is sure to wow all your guests.”

Another trend in venues for receptions are food stations. “Food stations are becoming quite popular for wedding receptions,” Angela said. “They mix the best parts of buffets and the most elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner. Food stations have all the variety of flavors a buffet offers, but without that sloppy cafeteria feel. Plus, you get the chic presentation of plated dishes and the finer attention to ingredients that make a sit-down stand apart.”

Another great option for a venue is the Archdiocesan Retreat and Conference Center, which allows you to have a cozy setting for about 150 people where the facility is yours alone for the entire span of your occasion.  The ARCC is an inter-faith venue that provides a caterer, DJ, florist and building staff to make your time truly special.  Retreat bedrooms can accommodate up to 58 people and offer them a chance to rest between events as well as provide the sleeping quarters for the night.  Their facility is perfect for your bridal shower and prenuptial dinner as well.  Multiple floors allow you to move from the wedding ceremony to the reception to the dance without needing to move from venue to venue.

The ARCC is centrally located near historic Benson and is in close proximity to downtown Omaha and the interstate.  The ARCC is committed to excellent service and whether your event requires full table service or a buffet style seating, their friendly staff will provide you with a delicious dining experience at an exceptional value.

Remember, when it comes to choosing your venue, you should remember two important things.  The first is to choose something that fits your personality and the type of event you want.  While some brides want a grandiose event that is over the top, others want a more intimate, casual wedding and there is nothing wrong with either.  The second thing to remember is reserve your space early!!  During wedding season, venues can easily be booked a year to two years in advance, so don’t put it off!


Your wedding day is said to be one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want to forget any of the details. To remember the day the rest of your life, hiring a photographer for your wedding needs to be high on your list to do.

“We hear all the time how the day was such a blur and after all the work the couple put into their wedding it’s over. What do they have to show for it? Great wedding photographers are the single most important things a couple has after their wedding. Armed with a box of Kleenex, we sit down with the couple while they relive their wedding day,” Melissa Renshaw with Silver Lining Wedding Photography said. “We watch with great anticipation. The bride tears up when the image of her walking down the aisle appears on the screen. The groom has a full-face grin when he sees images of his new bride slipping in her dress. Family portraits and senior sessions can be redone if you’re not completely satisfied, but you only get one chance to get it right on your wedding day.”

Some trends in photographs this year are vintage themed engagement sessions. “A newly engaged woman will spend hours poring over the Internet as she’s on the hunt for what’s hot this year. From cakes to floral, venues to colors, wedding photography wraps up all of those details and presents them to you. 2013 will continue to see the popular photo booth, a vintage touch in post processing and themed engagement sessions,” Melissa said.

Since the photographer will be spending all of your big day with you, it is important to do your research to find a photographer who will not clash with you or any other family and friends at the wedding.

You should also consider what style of photographs you want.  Steve Kowalski with A Better Exposure, for example, is a non-traditional photographer and approaches the traditional with an eye for the artistic and serendipitous.  While he understands that weddings are events steeped in ritual and ceremony, he also knows that some of the most beautiful moments are those that are candid and not posed.

“The first question asked after the BIG question is popped is when are you getting married,” continued Melissa. “Typically once the date is selected, a venue is booked and then the wedding photographer is chosen. Most wedding photographers will book 9-12 months out. Make this a priority. Interview several photographers. Do your research, ask your friends, personal referrals speak volumes! You should “click” with your wedding photographer. Besides your new partner, the wedding photographer is the person you spend most the time with during one of the most important and enjoyable days of your life. If you have any conflicts with them or don’t feel completely comfortable with them, it will show in the wedding images. In our experience, we are the photographer and play the role of personal assistant too. From behind the lens, we will notice those other signals as well. For example, the brides need water or something to eat before we continue.  It is important that you have total confidence in them as well as their creative abilities.”

While a friend might be the first person you think of to photograph your big day, it is important to really think about what you want in your pictures and to allow them to be a part of the big day, not working the whole time. “The best advice we can give is not to rely on the well meaning friend or family member to capture your wedding photography, the images you’ve imagined will only end up staying in your imagination. It is very difficult to salvage poorly focused and ill posed photographs,” Melissa said. “Your wedding photography can understandably be all about money before the wedding, after the wedding no amount of money can fix this or replace it.”

Formal Wear

Your wedding dress and formal wear are also extremely important parts of your celebration.  Dick Lerner of Bel Air Fashions stated, “Your wedding day is the culmination of months of planning your perfect day.  Tuxedos that are old, out of date and misfit are a photographer’s nightmare and will have a negative effect on the ceremony.  Choosing the right store for your wedding tuxedos is one of the most important choices you can make.  Fitting tuxedos is more than a tape line and cannot be done in less than a minute.  Everything you select for the wedding needs to be tried on at the initial fitting.  Garments have to be tried on until they both look and feel good.  If the people in the store are not trained or the store doesn’t have any garments to try on, all you will have are tuxedos at a good price that won’t fit at the wedding.  With the cost of weddings, can you afford to have this happen to you?  Find a store that you can work with and that genuinely cares about your wedding.”

Many couples like to keep it contemporary when they choose their wedding attire and always want to know what the newest trends are.  Dick explained, “Tan and silver tuxedos are very in right now.  Silver and charcoal gray are also being expanded and introduced in 2013.  The new generation of tuxedo rentals look like fine clothing.  Fabrics are made of superfine wool, not the utility wool found in most rental tuxedos.  Garments are much lighter and drape better to the body.  New for 2013 is a sand color micro-fiber destination suit.  It is lightweight, holds its shape and fits great and is ideal for weddings where the groom wants a suit instead of a tux as they would with a destination wedding.”

Lisa Solberg with Gentleman’s Choice commented, “Bow ties are making a huge  comeback, as well as tuxedo styles in colors other than black.  When you are choosing your formalwear, make it a personal experience, try things on and have fun!  Use a reputable tuxedo shop with an in-stock warehouse to handle all last-minute additions and emergencies.  Building a relationship with your tuxedo provider will give you peace of mind during the planning process.”

Lynn Rustad with Ellynne Bridal added a few trends in women’s wedding wear: “This year’s brides have the most beautiful choices.  This season is exploding with lace and flouncy skirts, open backs, mermaids and ball gowns; of course, all fit for a princess.”

Rental Equipment

Depending on where you have your wedding ceremony and reception, you may be in need of items such as chairs, linens, flower stands or other supplies.  If you need to rent items for your wedding, you should visit with a professional well in advance of your wedding to make sure you have the best selection.

Bill Reynolds with Honeyman Rental explained, “We rent anything that would be needed for the actual ceremony as well as the reception. We have candelabras, arches, flower stands, pillars, etc. for the traditional church wedding. We have arches, chairs, PA systems, etc. for outdoor weddings. For receptions we carry centerpieces, tables, chairs, linens, china, chafers, frozen drink machines, chocolate fountains.  Pretty much anything you can think of, we have or will have. We update inventory every year and are constantly looking for new and fresh equipment to add to our selection.”

“Once a bride has a good idea of her requirements, she should reserve her items,” Bill continued. “We have had brides reserve up to two years in advance. Some items require a deposit to hold and that deposit is applied toward rental when items are picked up. We take deposits to insure that items reserved will be rented as we have a limited quantity of inventory. For example, if a bride reserves an arch for a specific date and another bride wants that same item for that same date, we will tell the second bride it is unavailable. If the first bride cancels, then we have lost two rentals, so deposits are a necessary part of our business.”

Another piece of rental equipment you may consider is a tent.  Tents can make any outdoor event special and protect it from the elements.  Perhaps you want to have your wedding on your family farm or at a park, but are worried that you will get rained on (or just want to contain everyone under one roof).  If you’re wondering how to go about planning for an event like this, contact Lincoln Tent whose professionals can help you select the perfect tent for your big day.

Special Touches

Sometimes it comes down to the little things to set your event apart and make it stand out in every attendees’ memories.  While you may think everyone will remember your delicious meal or your gorgeous dress, it’s possible that what they will recall about your wedding in months and years to come are the small things they have not seen at other weddings.  A unique ice sculpture, for example, or even little personalized bags of popcorn with you and your new spouse’s picture and wedding date personalized on the front.  Colby Ridge can help create these little keepsakes for you.  The minimal cost will be well worth it when you think of the lasting impression they will leave.

Your wedding day should be one of the most special and memorable in your life.  Do the proper planning early and work with area’s professionals and you will be sure to have an event that kicks off your life as a couple in style!