Some of the most joyous changes in life are the ones we plan for. Getting married, having a baby, beginning a new career, buying a new home and retirement are just a few of the happy changes that many of us will experience throughout our lives. However, what many people don’t realize is that even the happiest of life changes can cause disruption and stress in our lives as we struggle to adapt to the new direction we are going in. Seeking new ideas or reaching out to professionals can be an excellent way to incorporate these new changes into your life, adapt to the changes with a minimum of stress and be able to do what you’re meant to do—ENJOY THEM! Here a few ideas of local experts who can help you with numerous types of changes you might experience.

Dental Care Professional

There are many times throughout your life or your family’s life that a dental care professional is needed. “Patients come to our practice for their family’s dental care and more,” says Dr. Dan Beninato of Premier Dental. “A visit can also be prompted by a life changing event such as an upcoming wedding, renewing of vows, family reunion, class reunion, graduation, a new job opportunity, job promotion or new position in a company. We also see people come in because their children are grown and now it’s time to focus on their dental health.”

“There are also times when a patient’s medical health has affected their dental health and they want to restore their smile,” Dr. Beninato continues. “At Premier Dental, we can take care of all those needs. We provide services for the entire family and use the latest dental technology in our state-of-the-art practice to make your visit comfortable and pleasant. Our services include family dentistry, sedation dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, (TMJ), snoring and sleep apnea treatment, breath treatments, custom athletic mouthguards, restorative and cosmetic dentistry; including Invisalign®, teeth bonding, porcelain crowns using Cerec® technology, implants, teeth whitening-professional home kits or in office Zoom!Whitening, and complete smile makeovers! Cerec® technology uses computer imaging that is far more precise and more pleasant of an experience than taking impressions. We are able to create a dental crown that is perfectly matched to the color and shape of you tooth as well as meets up with your other teeth. “

Hobby Professionals

There are many times in life when we find we have more free time and we’re not really sure how to handle it. This often comes with life changes such as kids going to school or leaving home or semi/full retirement. While these are not necessarily negative changes, they can leave a person with a sense of purposelessness that can lead to unhappiness or even depression. Finding a new hobby is a great way to fill this extra time and give you something new to be interested in and excited about. If you’ve always lived a packed life full of family and work obligations, deciding on something ‘leisurely’ to do can be a challenge! Here are a few ideas:


Have you ever watched Dancing with the Stars and wished you could learn to dance like those people do? Taking ballroom dancing lessons is a great way to learn something new, get in or keep in shape and also helps you bond with your partner if they are willing to take them with you. “People look to dancing lessons when they want to improve themselves,” explains Elizabeth Edwards with Omaha Ballroom. “People find dancing as an outlet to lose weight, meet people and make themselves feel more accomplished. I suggest you start lessons as soon as you can. I started when I was 18 and it was the best thing I could have done at that age. It made me more confident and gave me a healthy hobby. I hear from people all the time that they wish they would have started sooner so they wouldn’t have to sit out at weddings or not be able to get up and dance when a live band is playing. It is a hobby that never has and never will go out of style.”

If you’re nervous about taking lessons for the first time, Elizabeth encourages you not to be. “Honestly, it’s easy,” she says. “The hardest thing is just walking in the door. After that, you get to learn the steps and take advantage of all the benefits. The steps are just like anything else: you learn them once, practice them and then they are yours forever.”


Woodworking is another great hobby that gives you something to do with your hands as well as gives you something tangible to keep or give as a gift when you’re finished. Gerry Phelan with Midwest Woodworkers says, “We’ve been seeing folks of all ages getting started in woodworking, but most of them are baby boomers approaching retirement. In some cases, they took woodworking back in high school or dabbled in it, but they never had time to get really involved. It’s great when we get to help them get started.”

“I think woodworking is a perfect creative outlet,” he continues. “It stimulates your creativity and lets you make projects you can use and display for years to come.  Woodworking is not as difficult or mysterious as you might think and there are so many possibilities, you are bound to find a discipline that interests you.  Whether it’s tackling a new skill, making something you need or creating a gift, it’s hard to beat the satisfaction that comes from making something with your own hands.  Our mission is to bring out the best woodworker in every customer.  We offer classes specifically aimed at helping people get started in woodworking.  Our classes are small, 3-5 people at most and are very ‘hands-on’.  We start with safety and make sure everyone understands the equipment and the techniques.  Most of our classes involve making a project you can take home with you.  Everyone on our staff is a long-time woodworker.  In fact, we average over 30 years of woodworking experience.  We can help with questions and can show folks how to get started.”

Hair Removal and Facial Specialists

If you’re preparing for a big day that often comes with a life change, you certainly want to look your best for it. Micki Malone with BodyBrite Omaha, which opens in April, says, “A wedding would be a great time to try both our hair removal services and our DermaOxy Oxygen Facials. The DermaOxy Oxygen Facials will help any bride put their best face forward for that big day and add to that wedded bliss shine! And as a bride, who has time to shave? After just one treatment for hair removal, they will begin to see the benefits of our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. Our services will not only help them save time, but will also give them confidence and self-esteem for their big day.”
“Another time to try our services at BodyBrite Omaha would be after having a baby,” adds Micki. “Not only can this be an enjoyable time with everything that is new, it can also be a stressful time. A new mother could help relieve some of that stress by focusing just a little on themselves. A hair removal session or an oxygen facial, which can last anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes, is a great way to pamper yourself before focusing again on your new addition to the family.”

Lactation Consultants

If you (or your significant other) are expecting a baby, this is a very joyful time in your life. However, it can also be very stressful as you try to plan and do what’s best for your soon to be new addition. Ashlie Bergren with Elite Lactation Professionals says, “Most childbirth classes are 8-12 hours long and cover what will happen during a few days of her life. It is recommended that all babies breastfeed for at least one year, yet few people prepare. In general, many think that breastfeeding will be natural, and it is, just like labor and birth are natural, but it is not always easy. Learning what to expect and what is normal is very important. Our culture has many misconceptions regarding how newborns feed. It is important to remember that biologically our bodies are expecting to breastfeed and our babies are expecting everything that comes from being breastfed.”

Her advice for expectant moms who are nervous about breastfeeding is “Don’t panic and don’t wait. Most mothers are nervous because they are unsure if the baby will get enough milk or they are worried breastfeeding will be painful. She needs to be ready to ask for help because most likely she will need it. Breasts really do make milk. If it’s painful, it’s not right. It’s important for things to get off to a good start right from the beginning. Know your resources and seek help. Realize having a baby is a major life change and many things about it will be scary and unpredictable. It’s OK to feel unsure and awkward, but it is not OK to feel alone. Our culture does not do a good job of supporting new mothers. We isolate them and leave them alone for weeks with a crying baby. New mothers need other new mothers! ELITE Lactation Professionals, LLC offers access to private practice Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). Families who access our services, are provided with prenatal education and postpartum breastfeeding support, available in individual and group consultations. We will work with families to develop a Custom Individual Lactation Program to make the breastfeeding journey easier.”

Estate Planning Specialists

Estate planning is one of those tasks in life that EVERYONE needs to do. However, many people wait until it’s too late, which causes a number of problems for themselves and for their families. Sometimes life changes are what you need to prompt yourself to meet with an estate planning specialist and get your affairs in order. “Different life changes cause different people to make the decision about their estate plans,” explains Charles Dorwart with LifePlan Nebraska. “For some younger folks, it starts even at age 18 when they realize that they need to name someone to handle their medical and financial decisions in the event of a traumatic event. Many people realize that when they first get married, they should put their financial and estate planning matters in order. Often times, it is when the younger couple is expecting the first child that causes them to realize they need to name someone to take care of that minor child in the event that something happens to them. The younger couple with minor children then tend to forget further planning until all of the children have moved out of the home. Once the next is empty, the middle-aged couple might revisit their estate plan. Unfortunately, it is often the family that has a sudden unexpected death that finally realizes now is the time.”

So when is the right time to begin estate planning? “Planning should begin at age 18 and should include powers of attorney for health care and finances,” says Charles. “A basic plan for the young family or young single person should have a simple will and a living will as well. If a young single person does not choose to plan at 18 or shortly thereafter, they certainly should contemplate at the very least a will-based plan when they get married and start a family. It is our belief that everyone should have their estate plan reviewed and updated at least every two to three years. Life situations change constantly. The laws change constantly. The financial institutions, doctors and hospitals may not accept power of attorney documents that are more than two to three years old.”

Getting an estate plan in place is probably easier than you think as well. “With the Three Step Process, it is our goal to be lifelong counselors for our estate planning clients,” states Charles. We want to get to know the families we are working with not just one a one and done basis but through a lifelong relationship. Our goal is to help the family understand the estate planning design process, whether it be for a will-based or trust-based plan. The next step is to help educate the family as to what to expect when their loved ones are disabled or they die. It is our goal to be there for the final step when the family member does die to be able to help the family through the probate process or the trust administration process.”

Hearing Specialists

Although hearing loss is never ‘planned’, it can be a part of the aging process or can occur due to trauma or genetics. “Since today’s technology is so advanced, we are finding the people are making the decision to improve their hearing at an earlier age,” Ken Stallons of ENT Specialists, PC, explains. “As a result, we are performing many hearing evaluations on people who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors, including heredity, viruses, certain medications and a history of middle ear problems. Noisy environments can also cause hearing loss at any age. The audiologists at ENT Specialists recommend the use of ear plugs to prevent hearing loss. Custom plugs offer a comfortable fit and are available here.”

If it is determined that your hearing loss needs treatment, there are many options available. “Treatment is based on your type of hearing loss and your lifestyle demands and priorities,” explains Stallons. “Sometimes hearing can be improved through a procedure or medication. Other times, a hearing aid is needed. New technology has improved hearing aids so they are small, comfortable and cosmetic.”

Coaching, Consulting and Counseling Specialists

Even though many of the changes you plan throughout life are happy and exciting ones, there can still be an adjustment period that many people have some difficulty with. This where some professional help from a coach, consult or counselor (or all three!) can come in very helpful.

Focus C3 offers all three of these services in one. Amanda Hebner with Focus C3 can help her clients on all three fronts and finds that many of her clients often need more than just one of their services. “There are a number of planned life changes ranging from marriage to retirement that people needs help adjusting to. One may decide on a change in career or job status including going back to school, starting a business, growing a business, changing location of a job, going back to work or retiring. One may also plan to get married, move or have children. These can affect both our daily lives and our future.”

“We can provide services that deal with mental health issues that may be holding people back or creating road blocks from moving forward with a life change that they want or need to make,” she continues. “We can also help with issues such as depression or anxiety that may have resulted from a planned life change. Our coaching services can help those who want to make a change but do not know where to start or those who may not know what change they need to make. We can help them to not only decide what that change could be but also create a plan and help them work through the details of that change. Our consulting services provide a specific support from knowledgeable, experienced consultants who can help them make informed decisions to move through those changes and create success in specific areas.”

Many people are hesitant to get help when they need it and Amanda explains why by saying, “Some are afraid of what others will think if they seek help or they think these services are too expensive and unaffordable for them. Others think they can do it on their own or are unsure of what services they really need. The great part about our company is that they do not have to know what they need because we provide all three and can help them navigate through any or all of the services according to their needs and desires. “

Fitness Specialists

Becoming more physically fit is important in any stage of life, but can be especially beneficial when you are going through life changes. Kayla Shafer with TITLE Boxing says, “Our classes are aimed to accommodate all fitness levels from age 8 to 80 and all levels of boxing experience. We offer a full body workout including cardio and strength training. This workout is fantastic for anyone going through a stressful time in their life (new baby, bad job, divorce, marathon training and weight gain). We can boost confidence and coordination, improve energy and attitude and help manage stress and weight. It’s you and a 100 pound heavy bag—the possibilities are endless! Our trainers mix up the boxing and kickboxing combinations every 30-60 seconds, making you prepared to think on your feet and be ready for anything in a high intensity setting.”

“No matter how much you prepare for a life change, it can be hard to predict,” Kayla concludes. “If you have high self-confidence, self-esteem and energy, you can take on anything. Everyone goes through adversity in their lives. It’s how you handle that adversity—that’s what makes you the kind of person you are. You can look at it two different ways: the first is to let it get you down and hang your head or you could use it to motivate yourself to become a better person. If you have a positive attitude throughout your life change, your life may change for the better.”

Realty Specialists

As we go through life changes, we often find we need a different place to live to accommodate a new career, expanding family, downsizing due to kids going to college or relocation. Working with a realty specialist is the best way to ensure that your new home fits your new lifestyle. There are so many way to look at potential homes these days that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and spend weeks upon weeks doing nothing but looking at homes that you might be interested in. When you work with a realtor, they can do all the work for you and narrow your options down to just the ones that should truly be on your ‘hot list’. That way, you can spend your time doing the things that are really important, like spending time with your family and focusing on your career instead of looking at home after home that is not right for you.

In addition, a realtor is invaluable if you currently have a home that needs sold so you can buy your new home. Don’t try to do it on your own! In the long run, working with a realtor will save you time, energy and probably quite a bit of money!

Life is full of changes. Even when we plan for a major change and even if it’s a positive one, we can still go through an adjustment period that can sometimes be difficult. By working with the right specialists and professionals, you can incorporate the changes smoothly and be well on your way to enjoying the new direction your life is taking!