Today is just another day in the office for Sammy.  Over the past nine years, Sammy has had the important responsibility of being the mascot for The Ark Group and most recently for a new business called Message on the Go.  Each morning he wakes up ready to get to the office and goes right to work, sleeping on his bed behind the front desk in the office lobby.  When he finally decides that every position he could possibly sleep in has been achieved, he makes it a point to go visit everyone in the office in an effort to reach his attention quota for the day.  However, Sammy’s greatest purpose throughout the day is to greet every visitor at the front door, just as though they were a long lost family member.  There is never a stranger with Sammy.  We always comment on how impressed we all are at how effective he is in accomplishing his daily goals and showing everyone how much he loves them.

From the first day Sammy started coming to the office with us, he truly earned the title of Director of First Impressions.  He has made a difference with many people.  In fact, he was able to help a previous coworker past her fear of dogs to the point she actually chose to get a dog for her family.  We are very fortunate to have Sammy at the office and in our home.  He is the best office dog ever!

The Ark Group, founded in September of 2003, is a National Insurance Brokerage and Planning Company based here in Omaha.  The Ark Group works with Insurance Professionals and Financial Advisors across the U.S. and advises them on what product is most suitable based on the client’s specific and unique situation.  We bring the most unique and innovative insurance strategies for financial professionals to use for their clients when protecting their Financial, Estate and/or Business plans.