Doodle started working at Body Pros Collision Center the first part of September 2013. Doodle was a puppy mill momma for the first 6 years of her life and after Pam Breaker of Body Pros Collision Center rescued her, she started bringing her to work.  Doodle has lost all of her teeth, so she is not much of a guard dog, but she brings out something special in people who come into the office.  Some people are very shy when they come in—until Doodle shows up.  Then they open right up.  Some people come to the office and have a dog in their vehicle and these people always go get their dog to bring in and meet Doodle.

For a dog who has spent her life in a kennel having babies, Doodle does so well with both humans and other animals alike.  She had never known the touch of a loving human hand, but has responded amazingly to the love we’ve had the chance to show her since adopting her.

Doodle spends most of her day sleeping on Pam’s desk or behind her on her chair or following her around the shop.  A rough life for a little white dog in a body shop!  At quitting time, Doodle gets in Pam’s special chair in her truck and off they go to the house for her dinner and some well-deserved couch time, resting up for the next workday at the office!