As the vibrant colors of summer begin to fade, Omaha prepares to unveil its enchanting autumn landscape. With the air turning crisp and the foliage transforming into a breathtaking palette of reds, yellows and oranges, the city becomes a true testament to the wonders of the season. For homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts, fall is the perfect time to create an inviting retreat to cherish during the cooler months.

With the local professionals of Omaha by your side, you will be able to enjoy all the best things fall landscaping and outdoor living has to offer. They will transform your house and backyard area into something out of this world.

Building Your Dream Pool

One of the most sought after yard features is an in-ground pool. The right pool can really make a yard come to life, and Strawberry Springs Pool and Spa ( loves how the creative process unfolds, resulting in a beautiful outcome.

Currently, Strawberry Springs is seeing a trend for fantastic sitting areas and sun shelves in the water. These features are designed to maximize hangout time with friends and quality family time while in the pool.

“Our team has a lot of experience,” shared Ron Tucker. “We are your trusted partner in making your pool and spa environment both appealing and functional.”

Though pools are seasonal, Strawberry Springs stays busy year round. They use the down time in the winter to train employees and perform necessary maintenance on their equipment so that they are ready to build your dream pool as soon as the weather permits.

To make a client’s vision come to life, Strawberry Springs thoroughly discusses the end goal with the client. They provide extensive photos of past jobs and what can be done in the space to spark inspiration and help guide the project. Once the dream pool is decided upon, Strawberry Springs wastes no time building it.

Illuminating Your Landscape

With the cooler weather fall brings the desire to spend additional time outdoors. Fall evenings are the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy your backyard – and the beautiful landscaping. But, to truly be able to enjoy all the hard work you put into making your landscape vision come to life, you need light to illuminate it.

Permanent lighting has become a landscaping trend, as it requires minimal maintenance. Streamline Energy Solutions (, your local lighting installer, makes sure your lighting is perfect for every occasion. Whether wanting to illuminate everything to just have accents, Streamline Energy Solutions can install permanent lighting that gives you complete control over which lights are on for any given period of time. With an app that connects to your lighting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can control each individual light bulb separately. This allows you to choose which bulbs will be on as well as what colors they will be. You can also download templates or create your own to give your landscape a unique display for game days, parties or holidays.

Because Streamline Energy Solutions uses high-efficiency LED bulbs, they’ve found that the majority of customers who have permanent lighting don’t see an uptake in their electrical bill. The only big cost is the initial investment – something well worth it considering the one-time install lasts 20+ years.

“We’re offering a service that creates memories,” shared Jen Keller. “Permanent lighting is so much fun and always gets awesome reactions from people at night. It really does help showcase your home and illuminate your landscape.”

It is never too early to prepare your outdoor living space for the winter months. When redesigning your landscape and making upgrades to the exterior of your house, it is important to consider how it will function in fall, winter, spring and summer. Each detail matters, and no detail is too small.

Omaha continues to amaze us as landscaping projects transform the city into something truly amazing. Improvements both small and large have enhanced the curb appeal and beauty of both residential and commercial areas. With so many reputable and excellent lawn, landscape and outdoor-area experts available in Omaha, it is no surprise that our city looks as great as it does.