New Year’s resolutions are great tools for improving on things that may have been pushed aside for one reason or another, or for picking up a new hobby to try.

If you are struggling to decide on what you want your New Year’s resolutions to be this year, we have compiled a few that we think could improve anyone’s life!

1. Say ‘Yes” More

It’s always tempting to turn down opportunities, due to a fear of failing or looking silly. This year, make a resolution to say ‘yes’ to any exciting opportunity that presents itself, no matter how scary it is. Once you say yes once, you’ll look forward to any opportunities that come your way.

2. Improve Your Work-Life Balance

We all hear people talk about work-life balance a lot, but it’s important to consider whether you’re actually putting it into action and making it a priority. Without a good work-life balance, you’re more likely to experience burnout, which impacts your productivity at work, and overall satisfaction in your life.

3. Read New Books

Reading can give us a new and fresh perspective on so many things. Whether the book is focused on your specific industry, or a completely different field that you’re looking to gain more knowledge in, there’s definitely no harm in picking up a good book and obtaining new knowledge. Reading a book takes time, though, so set yourself a goal to read a new book each month if this is better-suited to your schedule.

4. Find a Mentor

What is the harm from learning from someone who has already been in your shoes? Mentoring is a great way to not only progress in your career, but on a personal level too. The right mentor can give you a foot in the door into new roles, provide strategic support and guidance, boost your confidence, and help you to stand out from your competition.

5. Attend a Professional Event

Networking events are the perfect chance to connect with other professionals in your industry. Not only this, but they can help you to keep up to date with the latest trends in your sector, meet new connections, and learn about new opportunities that could be valuable for your career. If you feel nervous, you can even start by dipping your toe in the water with an online event and working your way up to an in-person event in your local area.

It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions are often ditched at some point in the year, so we visited with some local Omaha businesses to learn what advice they had for those who want to really stick with their 2023 goals.

Stick to It

Health goals don’t always involve working out and striving to achieve better fitness of the body. Sometimes all we need is to get our body back to its natural state after an injury or medical procedure. It can be a process that takes time, and one that requires tenacity and persistence to achieve your desired results.

See The Trainer has been the area’s leading soft goods, rehabilitation, and bracing products provider since 1996. See The Trainer only provides the highest quality of orthopedic, durable medical, and rehabilitation products available. Their team loves teaching their patients about their injuries and finding the right product just for them. They encourage you to come in so that you can be properly fit with a product and can ask any questions that you may have.

Kristie Egan
See The Trainer

“We have products for common injuries– whether it’s plantar fasciitis, an injured ankle, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, or more– so that you can quickly recover and get back to your regular routine,” shared Owner Kristie Egan. “If exercise is being newly incorporated into your lifestyle, then you may run into some obstacles as you adjust and learn the best approach for you. This is where we can help you out. We carry products to help you protect yourself while exercising and recover afterwards.”

Kristie has been with See The Trainer for 14 years and started out with intentions to keep it temporary, but it turned into a life-long career that she is very passionate about. She has since bought the company from the previous owner and is excited to carry on the journey. Not only is See The Trainer locally- and women-owned and operated, but it
is also locally sourced. See The Trainer has been partnering with Nebraska Cancer Specialists’ Occupational Therapy program in Legacy and has become their new “go-to” for sending patients to get medical compression garments.

With her extensive background of seeing people start their rehabilitation journey, Kristie knows her way around setting a goal. She had some advice for those ready to make any kind of resolution this year.

“One challenge with New Year’s resolutions is that people often set unrealistic goals. They can quickly become frustrated and give up,” said Kristie. “Any resolution to change or improve needs to include small goals that are definable and accompanied by a solid plan on how you’ll get to that goal.”

Next, Kristie advises, develop an action plan. The experts at See The Trainer can help you segment your recovery and rehabilitation to make sure that nothing feels overwhelming. The same can be said for any other resolution. If you want to lose weight, try cutting out the snack you usually have after work before you try to completely revitalize your daily menu. Once you have tackled that, you’ll be able to see how easy it is to make these smaller adjustments.

It Takes a Village

No stranger to fitness, Daniel Ripa, sales and marketing specialist at Stretch Zone Legacy, has been helping people reach their goals for over a decade. Stretch Zone offers the easiest way to increase your flexibility and range of motion. Many people want to exercise to lose weight for the new year, but limited flexibility or pain makes it difficult to start and many fall off the fitness band wagon.

Daniel Ripa
Stretch Zone Legacy

“Working as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach for over a decade I have helped hundreds of people start their fitness journeys,” said Daniel. “I would say the ones that are most successful do not do it alone. I know many people want to “DIY” their fitness goals, but working with an expert can save you so much time in the long run.”

Stretch Zone has shared their own ideology of “the stretch” to anyone and everyone looking to become their healthiest version, prevent injuries, and improve recovery and performance on the daily. Since 2009, professional athletes have gone to Stretch Zone to incorporate the franchise’s systems and equipment within their training. However, you don’t have to be a sports star to use Stretch Zone’s services! Stretch Zone was designed to help anyone looking to improve their mobility through enhanced circulation and the creation of a more ideal resting muscle tone.

“I, like many trainers, have always coached better form and mechanics so that people would best benefit from exercise,” Daniel explained. “Stretch Zone’s assisted stretching can improve your range of motion, helping you get even more out of the work you are doing.”

Daniel shares the same sentiment as Kristie when it comes to sticking to goals. When setting a new goal, start by making it as easy as possible to follow through. If you don’t make it easy to start, you most likely will not finish. The old saying “work smarter, not harder” applies here. An expert in fitness can help you figure out what exactly is hindering you from reaching your goal.

Visit Stretch Zone in Legacy Plaza for your free stretch and consultation and see just how easy it is to get in better shape, reduce pain, and increase performance with their Practitioner Assisted Stretching Methods.

You can also learn more on diets and exercises on Daniel’s YouTube channel: Dan Ripa Fitness Nutrition, Exercises, and Mobility Coaching.

These local businesses want to share their products and services with you to help you better yourself and reach your New Year’s resolutions. From all of us at Strictly Business, we hope the next year brings success in whatever you decide to put your mind to. Go into 2023 with confidence and motivation, and make it your best year yet!