We have officially turned the corner into spring, and Mother’s Day is one of the staples of the season!  Now is the perfect time to plan that special gift or event to celebrate how special and central she has been in your life.  There are plenty of options available that will make any mother feel cherished and make you feel great about treating her to something special.  Since you are most likely not a stranger to gift giving on Mother’s Day, here are some creative ideas and unique products and services that will make this year a welcome surprise!

For the fashionable woman in your family, or to treat and spruce up a mother who may be too busy with their family and work obligations to enjoy shopping for themselves, you can find many great items at Nouvelle Eve boutique.  Nouvelle Eve is well-known for their fabulous, classy pieces as well as fun, edgy contemporary pieces.  They can accommodate and compliment just about any style you are looking for, and have new merchandise arriving daily.  If you are looking for a simple gift where fit isn’t an issue, Nouvelle Eve also offers a gorgeous selection of spring scarves and jewelry that are perfect for Mother’s Day.  Nouvelle Eve is also excited to introduce B.U., a line of jewelry that is now available for purchase in their boutique.  B.U. stands for “Be You”, a beautiful reminder to “Be Yourself”.  Mary Steratore, the creator and designer, started B.U. as an extension of her sculpting. Her designs are hand sculpted in wax, and casts are then made in Rome using the best artisans who practice a method that has been used in Italy since ancient times.  Each sentimental and inspirational piece is designed in Italy and the charms are hand caste in sterling silver and precious stones, each with a personal symbolic meaning that is detailed in the gift box that comes with it. These petite handmade pieces are lovely gifts, and have arrived just in time for Mother’s Day!

The goal of Nouvelle Eve’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is to make every customer feel special and comfortable so they can enjoy the shopping experience.  Susie Keuck, owner of Nouvelle Eve, advises that when shopping for Mother’s Day their staff is readily available to help you, but remember that you know your mother best and what she truly wants is probably not an item that can be wrapped in a box.  If you keep this in mind, it takes the pressure off of finding that perfect gift and can shift your focus more towards finding something fun or pretty that you think she will enjoy without stressing too much about it. Additionally, Keuck and her staff wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day filled with love and happiness and look forward to helping you find a wonderful gift!

If you are racking your brain about what your mother would absolutely love, flowers never get old (even if you think they do, again, they REALLY don’t!).  There are many different colors and varieties, they are fresh and smell great, and they simply brighten up wherever they are displayed while reminding your mother of her wonderful child.  Additionally, you can buy her a plant, as the process of caring for a living thing is an instinct that typically stays with moms long after their children have grown up and out of her house.  Most plants last many years and you can also choose a pretty pot or flowering version that will fit in with her existing home decor.  Danielle Waschkowski of Estate Landscape Nursery says that they always offer a large variety of locally grown hand-planted annuals, perennials, vegetables, bedding plants, and hanging baskets or pre-planted pots that are gift-ready–in addition to their acre of flowers grown under glass greenhouses.  Estate Landscape Nursery takes pride in offering the best genetics and plant brand names in the industry, and they are currently in middle of their Spring/Summer growing season which means they are able to offer a wide variety of high quality plants that are perfect for the current weather conditions.  They are offering a special sale that will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend so you can even take your mother out shopping to celebrate her special day while spending quality time together.  Estate Landscape Nursery, located at 3501 N. 72nd street, is Omaha’s largest indoor grower and Danielle welcomes you to stop in and see all of the beautiful plants and flowers they have to offer as there are too many to list and pictures do not do them justice!

Edible Arrangements has their own Mother’s Day gift collection that offers truly unique and thoughtful gifts every mom will love!  The collection includes fruit arrangements with favorites like pineapple hearts and daisies, gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries, and you can even include a “berry” special teddy bear and custom balloon bundle to make your gift extra sweet and wonderful.  Ali Henrichs, co-owner of Edible Arrangements store locations in Lincoln and Omaha, says that their stores will carry many new and exciting products uniquely designed for Mother’s Day gift giving.  The Mother’s Day Bouquet is traditionally a part of their Very Lovely Celebration collection, and is offered in a beautiful ceramic keepsake pitcher that is specially decorated for Mother’s Day.  This is a special berry trio with half-dipped strawberries and a new add-on of eight different “swizzle berries.”  This option is only available for orders placed and fulfilled by Thursday, May 9th.  The Sweet Like Her Bouquet is their existing Sweetheart Bouquet designed in a new Sweetheart/Heart Mug.  Another great idea is Lovely Indulgence Strawberries, a completely new item that comes in a pretty box and features strawberries dipped in miniature chocolate morsels, micro drops and lovely sprinkles!  Finally, the Brighten Their Day Bouquet includes their regular Delicious Fruit Design with all pineapple daisies being replaced with bright pineapple stars, and also includes fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes.  To order you can visit the local Edible Arrangement website, give them a call, or stop by and see what they have to offer in person!

Chocolaterie Stam offers the ultimate traditional Mother’s Day gift idea – chocolate!  Their pure Belgian chocolate has no wax or preservatives and 99% of it is gluten free. Suzi Bonnett, co-owner of Chocolaterie Stam, says that when selecting food items such as chocolates, it is helpful to know both your mothers’ favorites and also the flavors to avoid, especially if food allergies are involved.  There is a comprehensive allergens list at Chocolaterie Stam to help with the selection process. For a really unique gift, you can hand-select several different sized gift boxes of their famous Belgian bonbons.  The gorgeous two-layer jewel box is loaded with up to 32 pieces of Stam’s Belgium Chocolate Bonbons…that’s one a day for over a month!  Also, for the Mother’s Day holiday they offer a not-so-traditional (but still wonderful!) gift idea of a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries.  They dip beautiful, large, long-stemmed berries in decadent dark or milk chocolate for an extra special treat.  In 1913 Amsterdam, Jacobus Stam created Chocolaterie Stam, and 100 years later owners Suzi and Chad Bonnett invite you to enjoy the atmosphere of this unique European style chocolate shop which features pure, Belgian chocolates, European licorice, coffee drinks, and real Italian gelato made with ingredients from Italy and a local dairy.  Whether looking for that perfect gift for the hard to buy for person or craving a nice treat in a relaxed setting, Chocolaterie Stam is the ideal place to visit.  The ambiance of the store strives to bring an elegant, old world feel to their guests, which makes it a perfect stop to treat your mother on her day while you are spending time together.

Another gift that seems impersonal but can really have a great purpose is a gift card.  This isn’t the type of gift that is always recommended, but in the case of moms who spend the majority of their time shopping for others, receiving a gift card to their favorite shop may retire their selflessness for a couple of hours while they shop for themselves.  So really, the gift is more of offering this type of opportunity as opposed to the monetary value.  Furthermore, have you ever visited your mother’s house and been bothered by an old throw rug or well-used household items?  Go out and purchase her a new version, and make sure it is amazing so that she won’t think twice about replacing the old items with the new gift she has received (or your ulterior motives)!  This will also remind her that you pay attention and care that she is always cared for; even in small, everyday ways.  Keep in mind that even if you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, there is no excuse to neglect your mother the other 364 days of the year! However, showing her that you care the best way you know how on Mother’s Day certainly doesn’t hurt.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing ladies out there, enjoy your day!