News flash! Calling all men! What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Let’s reflect, what are you currently doing to positively benefit your health? If you can count those benefits on one hand, then it’s time to change your routine and prioritize staying in good health. While health prioritization will vary from man to man, top priorities should include nutrition, consistent physical activity and regular appointments to a physician and dentist. Audiologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, counselors and other specialized care providers are also highly recommended.

With so many resources at your disposal, creating a comprehensive healthcare plan is neither that hard nor expensive. Lucky for you, Omaha has a plentiful variety of businesses jumping at the opportunity to help their clients create a personalized healthcare routine, unique to each individual’s wants and needs. So, why not give it a try?!

Awakin Men’s Health ( is a provider-owned and operated healthcare practice focused on men’s health. Andrew Wakin believes in being proactive in treating men with erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, low libido, weight management, hair loss and overall health.

Awakin Men’s Health is determined to spread education and healthy lifestyles to men who want to make changes to their current lifestyle, guiding them toward overall stability and longevity. Wakin’s top priority has always been about keeping people aware of their health risks and the ways they can live a healthy lifestyle, leading him to start his own practice where men feel comfortable talking about their health, especially regarding erectile dysfunction, low libido, hormone replacement therapy and weight in a discrete and private telecommunication environment. No one will ever need to make their health journey public.

Andrew Wakin
Awakin Men’s Health

“My consultations are strictly with me,” says Owner and Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner Andrew Wakin. “I know it’s a sensitive subject, but [my company] provides private follow-up exams and telehealth calls that are usually no more than ten minutes. Ignoring your health problems can cause anxiety, stress and can even leak into your personal life and cause relationship issues.”

Awakin Men’s Health provides many different health screenings including sleep apnea checks; full blood panels where they check cholesterol, thyroid levels, hormone levels and weight issues and walk men through the process of getting better and taking accountability for their health. Wakin wants to emphasize the importance of reaching out if one has an erectile dysfunction, which can be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, certain medications, stress, high cholesterol or even nerve damage. This is an early sign of a possible life-threatening problem.

If you’re experiencing anything discussed here, don’t hesitate to reach out to Andrew directly to talk through the issues you are having. Call (402) 401-4012 or visit to schedule a consultation.

Clean Eatz ( is determined to get you invested in your healthy journey. It’s more than just a restaurant that offers healthy food. They are a heart-driven and caring establishment that wants to change your life through clean, support that gets the results that you’ve been searching for. To make getting healthy easier than ever, Clean Eatz provides a weekly meal plan service. The menu changes every Tuesday. Their meals are tailored to fit any lifestyle of any individual. They have a dine-in option, a to-go option, a catering option or anything that fits with your personal needs. Clean Eatz can recognize your on-the-go lifestyle and work to find the perfect meal plan for you. Men looking for a healthier lifestyle at a low price should look no further.

Clean Eatz specializes in healthy and affordable food and meal plans. Their goal is to offer services that are both healthy and maintainable. For this reason, Clean Eatz offers extra protein meals and/or low carb meals as part of the meal plan and frozen grab and go options. No one plan works for every person, so it’s important to know what option is going to work the best for you. The co-founder, Evonne Varady, is quoted saying “It’s not an overnight-change, ‘got-to-be-the-best’ push. It’s about believing in yourself, giving yourself a chance, and inspiring others through your hustle to do the same.”

If you’re ready to start your healthy journey, Clean Eatz is here to help and they can’t wait to join you.

See the Trainer ( is here for all of your sports injury needs. If you are currently in need for a preventive brace or are trying to work with an injury, See the Trainer can help. They are a sports medicine store with loads of product, all of which can help prevent a bad injury. Especially as you age, it’s important to work with the right equipment, and See the Trainer can provide that. Driven by customer service and upheld by reputation, they are dedicated to keeping everyone functioning through a variety of support products.

Kristie Egan
See the Trainer

See the Trainer offers a full line of in-stock bracing, home health and rehabilitation products from anything from small injuries to pain that comes from a chronic condition. A new brace or support product could mean the door opening on so many more opportunities that your pain was holding you back from and to, overall, improve your quality of life. For men looking to pick up a new hobby or get back on the trail, these products are for you.

Men’s health is always going to be a top priority at See the Trainer, and their dedication to helping out people looking for help with their pain or injuries remains strong as it was in 1996 when they first opened. They are your local experts when it comes to sports medicine.