As we become more familiar with how our bodies are uniquely composed based upon gender, we have more tools to combat the challenges that come along with those differences.  In an effort to create awareness, improve education, and change culturally induced behaviors in their work and personal lives, men are the focus of a health movement that addresses the statistically steady deterioration of their health and seeks to improve their premature mortality rates compared to their female counterparts.  According to, in 1920 the average mortality rate for men and women was roughly the same.  Since that time, and increasingly over the last 30 years, the life expectancy for men has dropped in comparison to women—currently women are outliving men by more than 5 years!  Men are encouraged to be actively involved with their own health and wellbeing, and to be good role models for other men and boys in order to improve our comprehensive quality of life.  Women can be invaluable advocates in this effort as well.  It is never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle, whether it is a drastic change or just a few improvements you are focusing on.

Dental Health

Premier-Dental-Daniel-BeninatoAccording to recent periodontal studies, gum disease is an independent risk factor for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Gum disease is usually caused by a buildup of plaque. Even with the best home hygiene regimen, it’s nearly impossible to clean every trace of plaque from your teeth. Plaque then hardens into rock-hard calculus (tartar) and can only be removed through a professional cleaning. The longer the calculus is there the more damage it does to the teeth and gums. One out of every two American adults age 30 and over has periodontal disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Fear is a huge roadblock in the path of dentistry, but there have been many advances over the years that make dental work quick, easy and effective.  Dr. Daniel Beninato of Premier Dental says that fear and anxiety cause about 30-50% of people to avoid dental care, leading to serious dental problems, pain, and other health problems.  Beninato offers pain-free, sedation dentistry to his patients, which creates a relaxed state in which local anesthesia can be more effective.  Fear and anxiety can also cause you to tense up and strain during the procedure.  When you do this you will experience sore muscles and pain from the tension that may not even be related to the dental work itself.  Sedation dentistry prevents any extra, unnecessary pain.  Although you will need someone to transport you to and from you appointment, sedation also allows more procedures to be done at the same time which is great for people with very busy schedules or other time constraints.  Whether you have had a previous bad experience or are simply fearful of having one, sedation dentistry can certainly help you get past your fear and get back on track with your dental care as quickly as possible.  Premier Dental also offers convenient early morning appointments for minor issues and preventative care, as well as a dental assistance savings plan that covers all preventative care and offers discounts on many other procedures.  This plan is not insurance related, but seeks to ensure that everyone has access to proper dental care regardless of economic standing.  Regardless of your profession, a great smile not only increases your confidence but enhances your professional appearance.  Dr. Beninato and the staff at Premier Dental use the latest technology to create customized dental solutions, tailored individually to your personal needs and goals.  The smile you have always wanted is possible with the personal care of Premier Dental!


ENT Specialists, PC offers two primary services related to hearing: products to prevent hearing loss and products to improve hearing.  Exposure to excessive noise can damage hearing. When noise is too loud, it begins to destroy the nerve endings in the inner ear.  As the number of nerve endings decreases, so does a person’s hearing.  It’s very important to wear ear protection when in noisy environments, such as construction sites, or when participating in hunting or yard maintenance activities.  Ear plugs can be picked up at most stores and often employers provide plugs to workers in noisy work situations.  Some people prefer a more comfortable fit, and ENT Specialists can provide custom ear plugs that are specifically designed for certain activities, such as musician plugs or plugs for hunting. A common treatment for hearing challenges is the use of hearing aid(s). Today’s hearing aids are technologically advanced, cosmetically appealing, comfortable, wireless and have the ability to connect to many types of accessories and can truly enhance a person’s quality of life.  A person facing hearing challenges should consult a board-certified audiologist to review all treatment options available.
Ken-StallionsENT Specialists, PC, employs three board certified audiologists.  Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA, oversees the hearing aid division.  Ken has been working in the hearing healthcare field since 1984, and takes pride in helping each individual improve their hearing situation to be the best possible for their individual lifestyle.  To set up a hearing consultation with Ken, call 402-397-0670, option 4. For more information on custom ear plugs or hearing aids, people can visit and click the “audiology” tab.


Max Muscle offers customized nutritional planning, taking into account your gender as well as other factors such as age, height, weight, body fat percentage, activity level, and workout schedule.  This allows them to tailor a nutrition plan to fit your metabolic requirements and lifestyle.  The team at Max Muscle is composed of experienced and educated professionals who will provide you with the best customer service and knowledge in the business.  Steve Lucchino, the Omaha Metro store director, and Jason Reese, the Papillion store director, offer a combined 12+ years of experience to offer their customers and employees.  Lucchino emphasizes that they won’t just sell you a product at Max Muscle.  On the contrary, they will work steve headshotwith you to find out the solutions you actually need to meet and maintain your health and fitness goals.  For men over 30, they also have the most scientifically-backed natural and safe testosterone booster on  the market.  Within 30 days you will feel years younger in terms of your libido, performance,
strength, recovery, and endurance!

Hormone Balance

Usually in the early –mid forties men’s hormonal balance declines and becomes apparent with physical and mental changes occurring.  Some of these changes are:

• Increase in abdominal fat • Declining muscle mass and strength • Declining interest in sex • Declining or spontaneous erections • Increase fatigue

Precision Compounding Pharmacy compounds hormone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone levels.  Testosterone helps to control blood sugar, regulate cholesterol and a healthy heart, and maintain a powerful immune system.  It also improves mood and energy levels.  Compounded hormone replacement therapy for low testosterone helps stimulate the body’s development of masculine physical features, such as hair growth, and is a vital factor in enhancing libido and prostate health.

Phelan-Gerry-midwest-woodworkers-incManaging Stress

At some point, we all experience stressful situations or events that we need to cope with, but when it becomes serious or persistent, it can lead to real problems.  Some people are better able to handle stress than others, but factors like personality, age or even genetics can make coping difficult.  Prolonged stress can lead to impaired concentration, sleeplessness, an increased risk of illness, depression and behavior changes.  A hobby is a great way to set aside the stressful situation and focus, at least temporarily, on something positive and personally rewarding.  Stepping away is a good way to recharge your batteries and be able to face whatever is causing the stress with renewed energy.  Gerry Phelan, owner of Midwest Woodworkers, says that woodworking has always been his stress reliever.  He says, “For many years, when I worked as an operations manager, the demands of the job were very stressful.  Each morning I went off to battle the problems of the day and the following morning I would be greeted by a fresh batch.   It was difficult to get a sense of accomplishment.  Woodworking was a way to narrow my focus to just the work at hand and forget the problems of the day.  I liked that I was working with my hands and was completely removed from phones and computers.  As I worked, I could step back and admire my progress.  And at the end of a project there was the satisfaction of building something I could keep and show off!”  For men that are overworked, stressed, and do not feel like they have time to take on a hobby Phelan emphasizes that you can’t afford not to take time out for yourself.  He adds, “Where will you find this time when stress causes physical symptoms, loss of sleep, relationship problems or other problems?  Whatever hobby you choose, it isn’t necessary to reprioritize your whole life.  Woodworking is easy to break into a series of small operations that you can work on small time increments.  You could also sign up for a class – the commitment will force you to set the time aside and you can begin learning new skills in a low-stress environment.  It’s good to set aside a specific period each day where you can get lost in something you enjoy.  Even if it’s only 30 minutes at first, you will likely find the rest of the day will go better as a result.”

While men are increasingly more aware of their health, it is no secret that many men still need to pay more attention to their bodies.  Both minor issues and major health risks can be addressed, and even treated and prevented with early diagnosis.  Annual checkups, preventative maintenance, and participating in stress-relieving activities are simple and essential ways for men to stay healthy and live a longer, happier life.