Medical staffing agencies play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry by serving as a vital link between healthcare facilities and qualified professionals. These agencies provide a streamlined process for matching healthcare providers such as nurses, physicians, allied health professionals and administrative staff with facilities in need of their expertise. They offer a dynamic solution to staffing shortages, ensuring seamless healthcare delivery and continuity of patient care. These agencies not only alleviate the burden on healthcare institutions by efficiently filling temporary or permanent positions, but also assist professionals in finding suitable placements that align with their skills, preferences and career goals.

Their role in sourcing, vetting and placing qualified candidates contributes significantly to maintaining staffing levels, enhancing workforce flexibility and ultimately improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare services within our communities. With so much depending on them, how do they do it?

Fusion (, an Omaha-based healthcare company, is dedicated to “Refreshing Healthcare,” embracing inevitable change to enhance the industry. Their mission focuses on proactive adaptation and innovation, recognizing change as the key to improving healthcare quality and accessibility.

By ensuring they are going the distance to support the healthcare facilities that are taking care of patients across America, Fusion is paving the way for exceptional healthcare. Their teams maintain constant communication with healthcare facilities and systems, actively seeking to understand their needs and challenges. Subsequently, they propose solutions to aid staff in prioritizing quality patient care, aiming to reduce facility stress while collaborating on ways to elevate their care model.

Amber Barna

Amber Barna, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, shared, “There are specific requirements that each specialty requires of the clinicians we staff. Additionally, there are specific requirements that each facility has for the clinicians they want to work with. Fusion’s job is to find the best matches for each party involved, meaning we want facilities to have qualified and quality candidates, and we want our healthcare travelers to feel comfortable and capable of shining in the position at that facility.”

At multiple levels within their organization, Fusion engages in personalized interactions. Recruiters engage in one-on-one discussions with travelers, comprehensively understanding their backgrounds and career aspirations. These recruiters, as experts on both the travelers and the job requirements, ensure an optimal match. Additionally, Fusion’s clinical team, comprising experienced clinicians, contributes valuable insights by offering a clinician’s perspective. This team’s clinical judgment plays a crucial role in guiding recruiters to place travelers where they can excel and make a significant impact in communities requiring additional assistance.

Also recognizing the importance of relationships in medical staffing is RTG Medical ( Their unwavering dedication to fostering enduring relationships, not just with clients but also with candidates, distinguishes them in the medical staffing industry. This commitment extends beyond mere transactions, prioritizing long-term partnerships built on trust, reliability and mutual success within the medical staffing landscape.

Paul Fishburn
RTG Medical

Vice President of Healthcare Staffing, Paul Fishburn, emphasizes the pivotal role relationships play in the organization’s success. “We believe that providing the highest quality candidate and client experience sets us apart. By building strong relationships and trust with our clients, we can uncover their needs, give them up-to-date market data and consultation. We formulate a plan and then execute it,” he explained.

Central to RTG Medical’s meticulous candidate recruitment approach is the involvement of on-staff nurse clinicians. These professionals offer invaluable guidance on compliance, certifications and licensure, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless recruitment process. Their status as a Joint Commission accredited agency signifies their adherence to stringent internal benchmarks, ensuring candidates meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

In the dynamic realm of healthcare staffing, marked by incessant demand for skilled professionals, RTG Medical shines as a beacon of excellence. Rooted in their mission is an unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch experiences for both clients and candidates and a commitment to seamlessly connect healthcare facilities with highly qualified professionals, addressing their needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Medical staffing agencies serve as essential intermediaries, bridging the gap between healthcare facilities and skilled professionals. Their dynamic solutions alleviate staffing shortages, facilitating uninterrupted patient care while concurrently offering professionals suitable placements aligned with their career aspirations. Through adept sourcing, vetting and placement strategies, these agencies bolster workforce flexibility, ensuring consistent healthcare service delivery and increasing the quality and accessibility of care within our communities.