Do you know how many products are made locally?

Omaha boasts a diverse manufacturing landscape that significantly contributes to Nebraska’s economy. Our city is one of innovation and industriousness, and is home to countless manufacturing companies and local producers that cater to various industries. It’s crazy just how much we produce, and how much of what we produce we consume without realizing where it came from.

The manufacturing/production scene in Omaha extends its reach into various sectors, including automotive parts, construction materials, medical devices, aircraft components and countless agricultural products. Lincoln’s robust range of products and adaptability makes us a key player in the nation’s production landscape.

Beyond tangible products, Omaha excels in the technology sector with production characterized by electronic components, circuit boards and software products. Omaha’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the production of components for renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar panels.

As industries evolve and innovate, Omaha will continue to be a beacon of manufacturing and production diversity, supporting a wide range of sectors with its skilled workforce and entrepreneurial spirit.


IntegriTemp ( – a Division of Plastilite Corporation, boasts over 60 years of business expertise with a primary focus on EPS Foam manufacturing in Omaha. Their flagship product, EPS Foam, finds extensive use in retail shipping, catering to major clients that ship steaks and other perishales, pharmacies and diverse retailers, including those in the electronics sector. Notably, their commitment to sustainability is evident through a comprehensive recycling program for all EPS foam, which is repurposed and sold to companies nationwide. IntegriTemp offers two variants of EPS Foam: the standard White and the eco-friendly Re-Foam, designed to be biodegradable. In addition to foam products, they collaborate with local manufacturers to produce fishing bobbers branded as USA Bobbers, distributed across the United States. For recycling drop-offs, the company’s address is 4930 Battlefield Dr. For more information, visit


RD Industries Inc. ( has established itself as a frontrunner in closed-loop systems since 1984, specializing in innovative solutions within the fluid containment and dispensing industry. With roots tracing back to our inception in 1968, we take pride in holding 60 patents that encompass both product design and manufacturing processes across various industries. Our expertise lies in designing, manufacturing and distributing top-notch chemical containment and dispensing systems that cater to a global market, serving over 25 countries. Our products play a vital role in chemical packaging used for cleaning purposes in diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and fast-food chains. For more detailed information on our chemical containment solutions, feel free to explore or reach out to us directly via email at


Barreras Farm Market ( is Omaha’s only year-round farmers market. This unique farm store provides Omaha with locally raised beef, pork, chicken, produce, diary and gift ideas. Over 50 farmers supply organic, pasture raised, grass-fed and humanely raised products to this adorable little shop. Located at 14449 F St, Omaha, NE 68137 and open Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Barreras Farm Market makes shopping locally convenient and fun. Stop in today! Learn more at