Being in the heart of what many consider to be “wedding season,” we can’t help but get swept up in all aspects of weddings. From dreaming of our perfect wedding to planning and attending weddings, they are definitely something to talk about.

While having a large wedding budget helps create a magical event, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an amazing wedding. Want proof? Check out some of the amazing resources in Omaha that are waiting to help create your dream wedding. They will leave no stone unturned for the wedding party or guests.

The Weight of Wedding Planning

Everyone has heard horror stories about the bride and groom’s parents, step-parents or event planners taking over and turning their wedding into something they didn’t want. With Wedding Planner Omaha and Florist of Omaha (, you won’t have to worry about that. The Wedding Planner Omaha and Florist of Omaha pride themselves on taking the wedding planning and designing off couples shoulders, but not out of their hands.

Dr. Vernetta Kosalka
Florist of Omaha

Striving for service that goes above and beyond, Owner Dr. Vernetta Kosalka ensures clients receive professionalism as their wedding receives beautiful design touches. Wedding Planner Omaha and Florist of Omaha keeps on the cusp of wedding and floral trends and training. They have vested relationships with area wedding pros that further assists them with helping couples have a smooth planning process and exciting wedding day.

Encouraging couples to enjoy the planning process is important since wedding planning can be stressful. They encourage couples to have dates, be true to each other and focus on the areas they most care about for their wedding day. When they focus on these three areas, they then have a more memorable experience.

Spending nine to 18 months with couples prior to their wedding day, Wedding Planner Omaha and Florist of Omaha get to intimately witness the couple organizing themselves, connecting with family, working through issues, picking songs and vows and more while they tackle more expansive details of their day. They’re always excited to reach the wedding week, where most of the fun happens. But, nothing tops the big day itself.

“The best part of a wedding for me is seeing our couples walk up the aisle for their ceremony. I get emotional and have goosebumps every time! I love love!”

Captivating Guests

Fashion is one of the most captivating aspects of a wedding. Every wedding differs in style, from the breathtaking bridal gowns to the suave tuxedos and the eclectic ensembles of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Everyone looks their best, from the top of their heads down to their toes, every speck of makeup and thread of fabric is perfect.

Considering Omaha Lace Cleaners ( for your wedding journey is entrusting the magnificence of your wedding attire to a team deeply committed to perfection. Whether you’re a bride, mother of the bride or a bridesmaid, Omaha Lace understands the quintessential need for the flawless alteration of your wedding attire. Their elegant and comfortable studio houses talented seamstresses that ensure your gown fits impeccably and resonates with your personal style and vision

Vikki Reed
Omaha Lace Cleaners

“At Omaha Lace Cleaners, we understand that every wedding gown tells a story as unique as the bride wearing it,” said Marketing Coordinator Vikki Reed. “With our unparalleled expertise, personalized attention and meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure every detail shines on your big day, and every memory remains as beautiful as the first time you said ‘Yes’ to the dress.”

After your wedding day, entrusting your treasured gown to Omaha Lace for their MuseumCare™ heirloom wedding gown preservation is an intuitive choice. Distinguished as Nebraska’s sole member of The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Omaha Lace Cleaners elevates the standard of care beyond that of conventional dry cleaning services. Leveraging trusted wedding gown cleaning and preservation techniques, they ensure each gown is treated with utmost precision and respect.

The Perfect Look

Seeing the bride and her bridesmaids all dolled up is one of the best parts of weddings. The girls feel beautiful and confident when a stylist gets their hair and makeup just right. Finding a great salon isn’t the easiest with so many to choose from, and the good ones always book quickly.

Because of how crazy the wedding season can be, Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa ( schedules all of their wedding parties six months in advance to ensure that they can accommodate the needs of the bridal party on the day they request. One month before the wedding, they do a trial hair run to ensure the bride ends up with the hair that she both wants and that looks amazing on her. They do everything they can to make sure you look perfect on your wedding day, leaving as little room for error as possible.

A benefit of being a large salon is that they are able to schedule everyone at the same time on the wedding day, allowing one hour per hair service and one hour per makeup application. Creative Hair Design & Spa also has a private area for the bridal parties to bring in food and/or drinks so they can wait together for their services to be finished. There’s nothing like a little girl time before a wedding.

A Special Cake for the Special Day

Michelle Kaiser The Omaha Bakery

Is a celebration really a celebration without tasty treats? From cake to brownies, The Omaha Bakery ( is sure to make your celebration special. Whether buying for the engagement party, the wedding, an anniversary or some other romantic occasion, The Omaha Bakery has you covered.

Their reputation, experience and techniques enable them to create the perfect design that makes a statement about your personality. They specialize in the latest techniques in cake creations to create something perfect for anything wedding related. Of course, you’ll probably want to do a lot of tasting to make sure the flavor is just right, too!

Because The Omaha Bakery is a specialty bakery, they can make any vision come to life for your wedding. They can duplicate a cake you saw and loved in a magazine or at another event, taking extra time to customize it to you so it’s not an exact match if you prefer it to be unique. Also considering your wedding location and theme, The Omaha Bakery creates a cake that seamlessly blends with your design. They have the skills to produce sophisticated and elegant cakes, but don’t shy away from a more whimsical style that shows your playfulness and sense of humor. It all depends on what you want and what will look best at your wedding.

“I have a passion for people and my family-oriented approach to work and life lets me design the best cakes!” said Owner Michelle Kaiser. Known for winning over the hearts of customers, she is sure to win yours over too if you give her the chance.

Not Just a Photobooth, an Experience

‘Wedding receptions’ and ‘fun’ have become synonymous as the industry booms. Having fun at weddings should be one of the easiest things for guests and FotoFunSpot ( is here to help!

FotoFunSpot is a photo booth company that will give guests an experience they will remember for years. Encouraging guests to have fun with their photos, they create a social spot that only compliments the other activities at weddings. They offer a variety of different photo booth options, including OMAHA360booth, Roaming Photo Booth and their latest addition, Tilly, a vintage camper turned photobooth!

Mitch Miller

The best part? They offer a print for every single person in the photo, for every photo. FotoFunSpot also provides a variety of backdrops to match the theme of your wedding in addition to templates for photo strips.

“Imagine having just completed the most epic poses with friends you haven’t seen for a decade, and your photo booth attendant hands the six of you two little blurry photo strips to share,” said Mitch Miller, owner. “That will never be FotoFunSpot! Every person in the picture is entitled to their very own copy – even the babies. As long as people keep taking pictures, we will keep on making prints for each person in it.”

Mitch and his team are always looking for new ways to help commemorate weddings, staying at the top of the game with new technologies!

With weddings happening left and right, it’s hard not to imagine our own future weddings. If you haven’t gotten engaged and/or married yet, keep these local professionals in mind for when the time comes.