With warmer weather well underway and hotter temperatures not far off, residential remodeling is at the forefront of the minds of many. Having updated houses equipped for summer activities and curveballs is a must. Now is the time to update ceiling fans and air conditioning units to accommodate the heat, as well as to update flooring, paint and outdoor decks/patios to withstand the wear and tear of summer weather and activities.

Buying a new house, though maybe necessary for some, isn’t a feasible solution for most. A much more cost effective solution that allows your family to stay in the same house you know and love is residential remodeling. With residential remodeling, you can update your least favorite components of your house at an affordable rate. Why not fall in love your house all over again? Plus, residential remodeling lets you upgrade without losing all the memories and little quirks unique to the time you’ve spent living there.

With so many different ways to go about residential remodeling available, it can be an overwhelming task. Though smaller projects are a great way to get your hands dirty with some fun DIY, larger projects are often better left in the hands of professionals. Luckily, Omaha has some of the best professionals that are excited to start working on projects to make your dream house a reality. Whatever you want or need done, Omaha professionals have you covered!

First things first, to set yourself up for the best remodeling process possible, consider the following factors before making any big decisions.

  1. Set a budget. What amount of money can you dedicate to remodeling? Remember, it’s important to leave a little bit of cushion in your budget for if things get more expensive than initially thought.
  2. Decide which project(s) is most important. Start with the most important remodeling first to ensure that it fits into your budget. Remodeling doesn’t have to all be done at once, so be sure to get what matters most done first.
  3. Be realistic about your timeline. Great things take time – rushing a project will only lead to more expenses and complications.
  4. Have a design in mind before starting any remodeling. You might be good at winging a lot of things in your life, but remodeling is easier, faster and less expensive when you have an idea of what the space will look like and how it will be used before making changes.
  5. Choose your contractors carefully! Work with people you trust to do a great job. If you want it done right the first time, hire people that really care.

All Aspects, One Company

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with just one business for your remodeling needs? With Incontro Closets & Cabinetry (incontroclosets.com), most of your remodeling needs can be accomplished without outsourcing. Incontro Closets & Cabinetry is a custom manufacturer that makes everything in Omaha, completing everything for your remodeling project locally. They offer personalized design services and will produce a custom drawing for you to review before the project begins. In-home consultations and drawings are at no cost to you. Additionally, they have a 2,000-square-foot showroom showcasing the updates they can implement in your house. They do everything they can to ensure that your remodel is exactly what you want it to be.

Incontro Closets & Cabinetry will update all aspects of your house, from kitchens to bathroom vanities, garage systems, closets, Murphy wall beds, pantries and more. They’ve noticed recent interiors trending towards clean lines and new colors that achieve a minimalistic look. Several newer kitchens are two tones, with an island being a different color than the surrounding cabinets. Whatever your vision is, they are happy to help make it a reality.

When remodeling. Incontro Closets & Cabinetry advises that you spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right company to use. You want to settle on a reputable company that willingly answers every question you throw at them, such as what is to be expected, what the timeline for the project is expected to be and how they plan to go about remodeling your space. It’s your house, so take the time to ensure that the remodeling process you agree to is what is going to work best for you.

Work From Bottom to Top

If you are looking into remodeling your house, consider starting from the ground up – literally. RSW Floors & More (rswfloors.com) is your local resource for all things flooring. Their floors are tough, long-lasting and well worth the expense.

The installation of flooring takes about 48 hours, but RSW Floors & More suggest that house owners prep the space beforehand to ensure that the process goes smoothly, and that you don’t have to move furniture or other things back and forth during the installation.

The renovation process might be lengthy and it might be tempting to take some things on by yourself, but it is important to be patient and let professionals do things the right way. If you want your floors to last in the long run, talk to a professional about what they can do for you. Remember, you get what you pay for!

RSW Floors & More is committed to making sure you have the best possible experience with their services. They are all about details and will make sure your project is done exactly how you want it. They will come do a courtesy check on the new flooring about a week to ten days after the job is complete. You can be sure you are getting the best possible work done on your flooring because there will be a manufacturer representative available to give a second opinion on any job that requests it. Owner and Operator Raimond Wojtalewicz schedules the job and comes to do it himself, so you know that no details will be forgotten.

A Dash of Character

If you want your house to be truly unique, you need to add character however you can. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to incorporate tile. Whether adding a kitchen backsplash, entryway flooring, shower walls or an accent wall, tile and stone are excellent ways to tie your house together. The tile and stone that you select to implement into your dream home will make a big difference in the overall appearance and vibe of your house.

For tile and stone needs, Maven Tile & Stone (maventileandstone.com) comes highly recommended. The hands-on tile design studio has samples available in their showroom and design center for homeowners who want to get ideas and advice for their remodel.

Lizett Nissenson
Maven Tile

“We strive to help you pick the best product that will meet the needs and goals of your family’s home,” shared Owner Lizett Nissenson. “We are here to make your process easier, which includes answering the technical questions and doing walk-throughs on projects during non-business hours. Plus, clients that purchase through us are offered my tile design services at no charge.”

Maven Tile & Stone has the finest selection of tile and stone from respected manufacturers from all over the world. They pride themselves on giving you the tools, advice and resources you need for your project. They are dedicated to creating the perfect vision.

“We have the products and expertise needed for every aspect of your home design,” said Lizett. “We’re more than just a tile supplier—we’re here to help your house become a home.”

Light It Up

Langer Electric (langerelectricne.com) prides themselves on the relationship that they build with each of their customers. Chances are, you will have more than one electrical need in your lifetime – and they want to earn your business for life. They believe they can do just that by providing quality work, competitive pricing, and convenient servicing, all while being quick and efficient. Licensed, bonded, and insured, you can trust that the experts at Langer Electric will complete your electrical remodel projects efficiently so that you can quickly get right to what you’re excited most about in the remodeling process – enjoying your new space.

Chris Langer
Langer Electric

“It’s pretty common for electrical work on remodels to include upgrading everything to LED,” shared Owner Chris Langer. “LEDs use 90% less electricity than the standard incandescent bulb, so you’re getting more light for less power. It’s also popular for homeowners to implement USB access throughout their house. With smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and everything else that requires a USB to charge, it’s convenient to have USB outlets available for easy access.”

If you haven’t updated the outlets in your house recently, or can’t recall the last time they were inspected, you might want to give them some attention. If your plug isn’t snug and secure when you put it in an outlet, you will definitely want to replace it; this can cause electrical arcing, or an electrical breakdown of gas that produces a prolonged electrical charge. This puts your home in serious danger of catching on fire. Other signs that your outlets need updated include: sparks, smoke, or a burning smell appearing when you plug something in; an outlet that feels hot when you touch it; the outlet cover is cracked; or if the outlet is ungrounded, meaning it only has two holes instead of three (this is more common in older homes). They may physically be a small aspect of your home, but they play a big part in how it functions, so be sure your outlets are upgraded and up-to-date!

New to You Improvements

Remodeling is made more fun if you have fun things to shop for! Whatever it is you’re searching for, or if you don’t know what will make the space perfect, Out of the Box is the place to go. Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional, primitive or eclectic, you’ll find something you love.

Founded in 2011 by Jody Strauch and Steen Lundberg, Out of the Box offers the finest designer names in gently used recycled and reclaimed improvement products at affordable prices. Every piece in the 20,000-square-foot showroom has been personally selected for its exceptional quality.

They feature the best in custom doors, lighting, furniture, entire kitchens and baths, all originally curated by top interior designers. Since these items are reclaimed or recycled, they are able to offer them at highly reduced prices!

Out of the Box is an environmentally green company and they strongly believe this is the way of the future – reusing remarkable products for a major renovation or simply selecting that special character piece for your home or office.

Keep It Clean

Everyone knows how messy the remodeling process can be, not to mention the natural effects of time on the tile, grout and caulking of our most loved places in the house. No one really likes to clean – especially when the deep clean that needs done means getting down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. Rather than giving it your best to see moderate results, let The Grout Medic help give years of life back to your house.

The Grout Medic is the nation’s leading provider of maintaining existing tile installations. They steam clean showers, tile and grout and replace caulk in counters and showers. The Grout Medic can replace broken tiles, repair water-damaged shower walls and change grout colors by color sealing. Their goal is to service and maintain your showers, floors, backsplashes and fireplaces, or anywhere you have tile, grout or caulking.

The Grout Medic has established itself as one of the premier tile and grout cleaning and repair companies in the nation. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on them to deliver nothing less than unrivaled, spectacular results.

The Grout Medic offers proprietary GREEN grout cleaning technology, which is safe for your family and environmentally friendly. As an experienced grout cleaning company, they can offer grout cleaning for any size project in your house – from your bathroom or your kitchen to an old entryway getting plenty of use. Their professional grout cleaners will get the job done to your complete satisfaction. They guarantee it.

The Grout Medic’s professional technicians are trained to provide the most advanced restoration services available coupled with a superior level of in-home customer service. As a national brand with the industry’s only dedicated training program, you can be assured that when you see The Grout Medic uniform you are receiving service from a highly qualified grout and tile expert. Customers across the country have come to regard The Grout Medic as simply the most professional and advanced aftercare resource for grout and tile.

Fighting the Heat? Pool Prep and Perks

Growing up, every kid dreams of having a pool in their backyard. If you have the space, a pool can be a great addition to your home. Providing unmatched attention to detail, complete customer satisfaction and great service, Strawberry Springs Pool (strawberrysprings.com) is proud to serve the Omaha area. They can help you design and build in-ground pools, spas and fountains.

Strawberry Springs is also more than happy to help with pool maintenance. As authorized and trained spa technicians for most brands, Strawberry Springs will repair your hot tub or pool with efficiency and professionalism. The following five tips will help you set up your pool properly so you can enjoy the pool faster and for longer.

Remove, clean and store pool cover with cover cleaner deodorizer and perform housekeeping chores such as brushing, vacuuming and emptying skimmer baskets of dirt and debris on a regular basis.

  1. Maintain the water level – the water should fill approximately halfway up the skimmer opening.
  2. Prepare equipment following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Balance water by taking one quart of pool water to your professional OMNI dealer for a complete water analysis. Follow the dealer’s instructions for balancing the water
  4. Continuously disinfect your pool. Regular sanitation consists of using OMNI Chlorination Stix or one-inch to three-inch tablets in your skimmer or automatic chlorinator. At all times, maintain a free chlorine level of at least 1.0 ppm to continuously kill bacteria.

Set Your Remodel in Stone – or Concrete

Pitzl Contracting was established in 2021 by brothers Joe and Eric Pitzl. They brought over 20 years of experience with them, and now have a growing staff. They care about building relationships and go out of their way to make sure that all employees and clients feel as though they are part of the Pitzl family, taking great pride in doing a great job. The Pitzl Contracting logo represents a picture of the founders’ father, Steve Pitzl, who passed away in 2021.

Joe Pitzl
Pitzl Contracting

“We take the extra time to do things right. From training our employees to completing jobs, we don’t cut corners. Part of working with the Pitzl ‘family’ is being treated like a member of our family,” stated Owner Joe Pitzl.

Pitzl’s current services range from concrete removal, concrete repair, driveways, patios, garage floors, pool decks, sidewalks and pathways, concrete slabs and flatwork, parking lots, stamped and stained concrete and steps for commercial and residential services. During the winter months, they offer snow removal services for properties around the Omaha area. Because they spend considerable time training each employee, you can rest assured that each service is completed by only the best.

If you are a homeowner who is thinking about doing some projects around the house, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts in Omaha. They would be more than happy to help remodel your house and make your vision a reality! They want your house to truly feel like a home, putting in the effort for flawless construction and design without breaking the bank.