The only thing that can make great spring weather even better is a gorgeous landscape to enjoy it with. You might be a do-it-yourself landscaper, or perhaps you’d rather enlist some professionals to help you transform your property. Regardless of which route you’d like to take, Omaha has seasoned landscaping professionals that can offer their advice and/or labor to help you create the perfect landscape, just in time for summer – that is, the one that’s marked on the calendar.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere!

The very heart of a live landscape is the establishment of a healthy lawn. No matter how much you invest in fancy plants and trees, they always look their best when they are adjacent to green, lush grounds. Regardless of the size of your yard or your landscaping project, AKRS Equipment can provide an extensive array of John Deere equipment you need to get the job done right. AKRS offers John Deere turf, compact utility tractors and compact construction equipment, plus a host of attachments to accomplish any yard or acreage project.

It’s important to establish a healthy lawn as the base of your landscape. After all, no matter how much money you invest in retaining walls, perennials or trees, your lawn won’t be at its best without a green, lush grounding. Lawns should be kept between 2 3/4 and 3 3/4 inches in order to ensure root quality and reduce weeds. It’s easy to let lawns get out of hand, so your lawn should be mowed every two weeks.

When it comes to choosing a mower or keeping up with lawn maintenance, AKRS is in your corner. The John Deere equipment they sell offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, and their mowers have, over the years, proven to operate longer with fewer repairs and maintain their value better than any other product on the market. AKRS even has a service available to keep your equipment in top working order.

Nick Wessel
AKRS Equipment

“AKRS Equipment offers a Ready to Mow Service in the Omaha and Lincoln communities, where we will come to your home or business and perform routine maintenance on-site and ensure that your equipment always performs well,” said Turf and Commercial Equipment Sales Professional Nick Wessel. “For larger repairs, we offer pickup and delivery to one of our AKRS locations.”

For commercial mowing, one of the hottest trends in mowers is the John Deere QuikTrak Stand-on Mower, which AKRS offers. These stand-behind mowers serve up advanced maneuverability and speed to allow you to mow more and feel less fatigued at the end of the day. On the residential side, the John Deere line of Lawn Tractors provides mowing with a variety of attachments to make landscaping chores simple and easy.

“Customers can stop in at their convenience and learn what equipment best fits their needs,” Nick said. “The earlier they pay us a visit, the sooner we can get them up and running with the guidance and equipment they need to maintain the best lawn in the neighborhood. Come see us and take a test drive on any John Deere product. After all, Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”

Highlight Your Home

Are you tired of getting up on a ladder every year to hang your holiday lights? Are you interested in accenting your home differently? We have found a permanent, worry-free, hassle-free solution for you through Halo Custom Lighting. A sister company to Streamline Energy Solutions, they provide outdoor LED lighting that will last for 20+ years.

Jen Keller
Halo Custom Lighting

“They are maintenance-free and low-profile with a discreet design, and can be controlled through a free mobile app and connected via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,” said Owner Jen Keller. “Choose from 4,228,250,625 different color options, including warm white or cool white. You can even control each individual bulb, which allows for a complete customization for everyday accent lighting.”

Halo lights are designed to be a sleek, low-profile, custom fit and color to your home. The waterproof, climate-tested lights are rated to last 55,000 hours and provide beautiful lighting to any property. Contact Halo Custom Lighting today to tie it all together with their gorgeous accent lighting!

Pool Prep

Since 1998, Strawberry Springs has been serving the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas. They provide unmatched attention to detail, complete customer satisfaction and great service.

Whether starting up a brand new pool or one that has been closed over the winter, a proper start-up will get you swimming faster and enjoying the pool more, and help prevent problems during the summer months.

  1. Remove, clean and store pool cover with cover cleaner deodorizer and perform housekeeping chores such as brushing, vacuuming and emptying skimmer baskets of dirt and debris.
  2. Add water. Water level should always be approximately half way up the skimmer opening.
  3. Prepare equipment following manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Balance water by taking one quart of pool water to your professional OMNI dealer for a complete water analysis. Follow the dealer’s instructions for balancing the water.
  5. Continuous disinfection. Regular sanitation consists of using OMNI Chlorination Stix or one inch to three inch tablets in your skimmer or automatic chlorinator. At all times, maintain a free chlorine level of at least 1.0 ppm, to continuously kill bacteria.

Strawberry Springs is your trusted partner in making your pool and spa environment work well. They can bring new and cutting-edge design and efficiency to your project. When they’re done with your pool it will be perfectly clean, balanced and ready for the new season!

Spring has sprung, so what are you waiting for? Reach out to these local landscaping and lawn care experts to create your perfect outdoor environment today!