Ready to start building the home of your dreams? Make sure you’ve done plenty of research first to ensure you are only working with the best companies that come with plenty of new construction knowledge. To help, we’ve gathered a few great companies in Omaha that can make your vision for your dream home a reality.

Home Construction Financing

When you choose West Gate Bank ( for home construction financing, their team of experienced lenders will help you through every step in the construction project, helping to protect you and your investment. They pride themselves on meticulous and thorough management of your project from start to finish. By having a dedicated Construction Loan department, your project is in good hands as West Gate monitors the monthly construction draws, conducts on-site inspections, tracks lien waivers, and reconciles your project budget against the actual spend. If something doesn’t look right, you can count on them to let you know. Once the build is complete, they have a team of mortgage lenders ready to assist you with the permanent financing of your new home.

Guthrie Steen
West Gate Bank

“West Gate Bank services mortgage loans locally, which means we do not sell the servicing of your home loan to another bank,” explained Guthrie Steen, AVP, mortgage loan officer. “We also offer Extended Lock mortgage loans up to nine months in advance of the completion of the new home. Our processing, closing, and underwriting teams are all local and on-site to assist with questions that need quick answers. We also provide our Jumbo Portfolio loan option to customers that have a loan need above the standard limits. Higher input costs and rising purchase prices have caused this to be a popular option.”

Upgrade Your Home Network

At Home Connect Solutions (, they try to think of the home network differently. Instead of adding a network to your home after it has been built and hoping it works well, they look to fabricate a custom, business-grade solution into your new construction build so that just like your lighting, heating, and air, it is a part of your home. This eliminates dead spots and gives the homeowner the best possible coverage.

Tim Tritsch
Home Connect Solutions

“Streaming is the future of how we all watch TV,” said Tim Tritsch, co-owner. “We help this by pulling Ethernet cabling to each TV location so they are given the best chance of success for streaming their live TV. In addition, we also pull cabling to ceiling-mounted wireless access points to give the home amazing Wi-Fi coverage for their mobile devices. Smart appliances are a wave that we have seen coming in as well—stoves, refrigerators, and grills are being connected to the network and run with an app. Our network can handle these new devices better than consumer-grade networks can.”

Home Connect Solutions also helps parents protect their little ones while they are online. They do this by setting time restrictions for the kids’ devices, blocking inappropriate content or apps, and helping to respond to alerts if the kids click something they shouldn’t. In addition to Home Connect Solutions helping parents protect their kids, they’re also there for all members of the family whenever connection problems arise.

“If you are watching Netflix on a Samsung smart TV while connected to your Netgear router that is connected to your network provider’s modem, and you get buffering, who do you call? Netflix? Netgear? Your internet service provider?” asked Tim. “Here’s the answer: you call us and we find out what is causing the issue. Because we manage our customers’ networks for them, we have very unique insight as to what the problem really is instead of just pointing the finger at the other guys.”

Storage Solutions

Implement convenience and organization into your home through ShelfGenie ( ShelfGenie transforms your home’s storage space with their glide-out shelving that is made custom to fit your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, or any other storage space you have in your home. Their simple three-step process typically takes four to six weeks from consultation to installation, so you don’t have to worry about drastic timeline changes in the homebuilding process. In addition to glide-out shelves, ShelfGenie also creates custom closets, and they encourage homebuilders to reach out to them during the building process to create a personalized design or even after the home is built in the event they’d like to modify their closets. ShelfGenie’s products have a lifetime warranty, meaning it is a one-time investment in your cabinets. Even more, their solutions are designed for already existing cabinet spaces, so if you’re not quite sold while building your dream home, they can easily be installed down the road when you’ve decided to take advantage of this outstanding product.

We recommend reaching out to these professionals who will be there to ensure the home you are constructing is the home of your dreams. Happy home building!