The holidays will be here before you know it. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and pose the perfect opportunities to host holiday parties. Business parties are a must around the holidays. To ensure your employees and clients have a great time, start planning now!

Where should you host the party? What food will you provide? Will there be gifts? Let the local professionals of Omaha help you with it all!

Dr. Vernetta Kosalka
Florist of Omaha

Elevate Your Holiday Floral Experience

When it comes to selecting the perfect florist for your holiday needs, our top recommendation is none other than the Florist of Omaha ( At the helm of this distinguished establishment stands Dr. Vernetta Kosalka, an acclaimed hospitality professional who specializes in event planning, event design, floral artistry and the education of future hospitality leaders in Omaha.

“When you choose to explore the world of blooms with us, we embark on a journey to fully grasp your vision,” Dr. Vernetta affirms. “Our team of dedicated artisans possesses an exceptional talent that continually evolves through the pursuit of innovative floral designs. Expect nothing short of exceptional customer service and an unwavering commitment to precision when you engage with us. We pledge to provide professional, warm and attentive service, ensuring that our clients depart feeling that their celebrations have been exquisitely catered to.”

Dr. Vernetta also offers valuable advice for those seeking to elevate their holiday celebrations through floral arrangements and event planning. She strongly advocates for early planning, citing a multitude of compelling reasons. Early planning affords you the opportunity to secure the specific flowers and foliage that align with your desired theme or color scheme – a pivotal consideration for creating a truly enchanting ambiance. Given the heightened demand for seasonal blossoms during the holiday season, early planning ensures the availability of these coveted botanical treasures.

Furthermore, Dr. Vernetta underscores the importance of granting florists ample time to meticulously craft and assemble your floral displays. This extra time investment results in arrangements that are not only breathtaking but also longer-lasting, allowing your holiday festivities to flourish with an enduring natural splendor.

A Unique Gift

The gift of safety extends far beyond material possessions. It embodies the act of providing security, protection and peace of mind to someone, whether that someone be a loved one, a friend or a coworker. The gift of safety can take various forms, such as providing a safe home, ensuring access to healthcare, offering a secure location or, as D.E. Guns ( prefers it, the protection of a firearm backed by classes teaching you how to best use it for your safety as well as the safety of others.

D.E. Guns offers several classes that introduce people to self-defense, handgun operation and safety and concealed carry. If you know someone that is interested in using firearms for protection, paying for one of these classes as a gift could prove to be invaluable. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your gift being a surprise – no one is going to guess this!

Mitch Miller

Creating Memories

Getting together with loved ones to celebrate the holidays is one of the best gifts one could ask for. That being said, the memories you make at holiday parties are ones that you’ll want to reflect back upon throughout the year and your life. Photos are invaluable for capturing the essence of a holiday party, preserving cherished memories that can be revisited and shared for years to come. They freeze moments of joy, laughter and togetherness, allowing us to reminisce about the people we shared the celebration with and the festive atmosphere that surrounded us.

FotoFunSpot ( has the perfect inventory of photo-capturing technologies to make your event memorable and extremely fun. FotoFunSpot provides premium attended and unattended photo booth services that can create entertaining, unique and memorable experiences. They offer a variety of different photo booth options, including OMAHA360booth, Roaming Photo Booth and their latest addition, Tilly, a vintage camper turned photo booth! Plus, they offer a print for every single person in the photo, for every photo. FotoFunSpot also provides a variety of backdrops to match the theme of your holiday party in addition to templates for photo strips.

“Imagine having just completed the most epic poses with your coworkers, and your photo booth attendant hands the six of you two little blurry photo strips to share,” said Mitch Miller, Owner. “That will never be FotoFunSpot! Every person in the picture gets their own copy. As long as people keep taking pictures, we will keep on making prints for each person in it.”

These snapshots are delightful party favors that leave guests with tangible tokens of their participation and a lasting connection to the event.

The Gift of a Clean Car

Gifting a car wash for the holidays can be a thoughtful and practical gesture. During the festive season, people often have a lot on their plate, and finding time for car maintenance is challenging. By giving the gift of a car wash, you’re offering a service that helps the recipient keep their vehicle clean and well-maintained, saving them time and effort. We don’t know about you, but this sounds like a great gift for your busy boss.

Keeping your vehicle clean both inside and out isn’t easy, but it will feel that way with Tommy’s Express Car Wash ( With various wash options available, you can choose what will work best for the lifestyle of who you are gifting a wash to, or for you if you are wanting to roll up to the holiday party in style. In addition to their world class automated exterior car wash, they’ll keep your vehicle’s interior cleaner than ever with their brand new detail kits, vacuums and mat washers. Their developments in wash products and technology keep them at the forefront of innovation, giving them an edge over competitors. If you’re going to clean your car, or someone else’s, we recommend using Tommy’s Express to get it done right.

Planning a holiday party involves a series of thoughtful steps aimed at creating a festive and memorable event. Though planning an unforgettable party can be stressful, the professionals of Omaha are here to help you every step of the way.