Company Retreats are a vital part of your business.  It’s easy to think that you and your staff are too busy to take some time off from the office for a retreat, but the truth is that if you don’t take the time for a company retreat, you will ultimately doing your business more harm.  Why are company retreats so vital?  Read on for more information and some great ideas on local retreat options!

Why Retreats Are So Important

Employee Morale  What do you think is one of the most important parts of your employees’ job satisfaction?  If you think it has to do with how large their paychecks are or how many days off they get per year, you’re wrong!  For the vast majority of employees, much of their job satisfaction stems from how appreciated they feel at work.  So the question becomes, how do you make your employees feel appreciated?  One of the answers is to take time to plan events for them, such as holiday parties and yes, company retreats!  This shows them you care about them more than just employees, but also as people.

Employee Relations  Depending on how large your company is and how it’s set up, it could be likely that some of your employees have very little contact with each other and have never really gotten a chance to socialize or get to know each other.  Even if your employees have regular contact with each other, their relationship may go no further than the walls of the office.  Company retreats are an excellent way to give your employees a chance to get to know each other outside work, thus making their work relationship a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

Retreat Ideas

Convinced you should have a company retreat but not sure where to hold it?  Here are some great ideas:

Lied Lodge & Conference Center

Lied Lodge & Conference Center in Nebraska City has one of the most unique and inspiring atmospheres for company retreats.  The 260 acres of Arbor Day Farm allows companies and organizations to regroup, refocus, and revitalize their efforts.  In today’s fast world, those are three very beneficial efforts in the success of prosperous organizations.  The dedicated conference center and professional staff turns an ordinary retreat into an extraordinary experience.

The conference planners at Lied Lodge & Conference Center assist clients in determining what is right for their group.  For a company picnic for employees and families, a BBQ outdoors at the Historic Morton Barns is an option after exploring at The Tree Adventure attraction.  A round of golf at the Arnold Palmer designed, ArborLinks Golf Course is a perfect addition to those groups that might be a little competitive.  Learning from the Executive Chef about Wine and food pairings has become a popular retreat event for most any type of organization. For more information about Lied Lodge and Conference Center, visit

Pheasant Bonanza

Pheasant Bonanza is quickly becoming the premier location for corporate outings and client get-aways that provides an experience that is anything but a boring convention hall or hotel room.  They provide a unique retreat from the real world that allows visitors to experience a different level of communication not found elsewhere. Their outdoor activities and the quiet ambiance of the lodge provide the perfect opportunity to create an instant connection with your staff and clientele alike.

Their modern lodge and pavilion are equipped with all the amenities of your home, office and a few extras including A/V equipment and area WI/FI.  These spacious areas are suitable for meetings, corporate retreats, employee training and other special events. Outdoors offers over 10,000 acres of prime hunting, 20 station sporting clay course, skeet range, 5-stand shooting  and, of course, miles of breathtaking beauty.

In a society where you have to go the extra mile to close the deal, their courteous staff and high class accommodations will give you a leg up on your competition when entertaining your corporate guests. Located just one hour north of Omaha, Pheasant Bonanza is the perfect place to get away while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

For more information please visit their website at

College World Series

Having a corporate retreat at the College World Series is a unique idea if you’re ready to hold your retreat in June.  “The College World Series is an event that can be enjoyed by many different people within a company,” states Chad Carr of Ticket Express.  “It’s great for those diehard, lifelong baseball fans who go for the true love of the game and also those who love the atmosphere and social interaction that comes with the event.”  He goes to describe the different options that available for the World Series.  “You can get individual tickets to the game or you can arrange something in conjunction with a nearby restaurant or bar.  You can also make arrangements with a corporate hospitality tent or other package.  When people call to get tickets, we really try to see what they’re trying to accomplish and point them in the right direction.”  He also stresses that if you are thinking about having your retreat at the College World Series, the sooner you buy tickets the better because they are likely to go quicker than ever with the new location of the series.

Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat

Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat is a one of a kind facility. Located in the Ponca Hills Preserve, not only are they just 10 minutes from downtown Omaha, they are also nestled in the lush woodlands of the rare Loess Hills, which evoke a very inspiring energy. Just coming to Nirvana brings wonderful life improvement. Their beautiful Beacon Lodge offers everything from three large meeting rooms looking out onto their 30’ cascading waterfall and valley view pool, with wildlife galore to large decks, yards and trails. They provide delicious, organic meals and can sleep up to 20, as well. The Wellness Connection- holistic healthcare and success coaching can also provide various therapies and programs, with their Connected Empowerment corporate programs, in stress reduction, teamglue, heart-based communication and holistic wellness.
Nirvana Pointe is a private facility and one person the group must have a membership.  Company retreats can range from soaking in the energy, having a group seminar and enjoying the amenities to a personalized retreat from 1-14 days for a deeper immersion into their extraordinary programs.

Hilton and Funny Bone

Lighten up your company outing with fun, food and a laugh at Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant at Village Pointe.  With their prime location, large projection screen and audio-visual capabilities, they are the perfect location for your meeting or corporate party.  With a full service wait staff and Master Chef, they offer a variety of menu and drink items to make your outing an unforgettable experience.

If you want to add an overnight stay to your corporate package with the Funny Bone, they work with the Hilton Garden Inn to provide a great combined experience (and the two are within walking distance). Special Hilton touches include complimentary shuttle within five miles of the hotel, complimentary parking, use of the on-site Executive Fitness Center and the offsite premier fitness center Lifetime, an indoor heated pool and whirlpool and use of the 24 hour business center which includes high speed internet access and remote printer and walking distance to a premier outdoor shopping mall with over nine restaurants, 20 retail shops and a movie theater.

Brandeis Catering Tip Top Party Zone

If you plan on hosting a company retreat during the June baseball event June 17-28/29th, you should consider reserving some space at the Tip Top Party Zone at 1502 Cuming Street.  The Party Zone offers over 10,000 square feet of air conditioned space that will house a huge party zone which will feature a beer garden with big screen televisions and live music as well as an outdoor area.  The areas inside and out will be open to the general public, but individual table reservations are available for your corporate group.  Pay one flat fee for the series and your group can come and go as they please during the series and always have a seat and food and beverages.

Archdiocesan Retreat and Conference Center

Companies and meeting planners have found the Archdiocesan Retreat and Conference Center ideal for off-site meetings and conferences because of its easy to get to central location near historic Benson.  It is in close proximity to downtown Omaha and the Interstate.  A pair of conference rooms, intimate break-out rooms, dining hall and inspiring mid-century décor offers attendees a welcome change of pace from those all too familiar hotel meeting rooms and sterile corporate board rooms.  To assist groups in their retreat or meeting, our conference rooms are equipped for visual and audio computer presentations, and a conference phone is available for call-ins.  Most bookings will allow your business to have a secluded meeting or day retreat.  The facility will generally be all yours, and the staff will be available at all times for your needs.

The ARCC can also arrange meals from continental breakfast to lunch, snacks or a full sit down dinner or cocktail reception.

Other Options

You may want to consider holding your retreat at another location, such as your house or the home or office of a client, vendor or business partner.  Having the retreat at a home instantly makes it a more personal, intimate event and you have the opportunity to decorate how you want, have the food and drinks you want and bring in your own entertainment if you decide that should be part of your event.  Of course, if you are holding the event at a home or office, it’s likely that it’s not set up for large gatherings and you’ll have to find a way to provide seating, meeting space and other necessities.  Buying these supplies is probably not the most economical way to go, so you might want to consider renting them.

Chris St. Pierre of Party Time Rentals says, “We offer everything from tables, dishes, a number of different styles and sizes of tables and chairs and even tents available for rent.  Our variety of equipment mixes with any type of event you plan on having, from indoor to outdoor gatherings, fancy dinner parties to casual barbeques.  We offer only quality equipment and try to cover everything for events and specialize in outdoor events as well as indoor and try to fit the needs of the customer’s décor as closely as possible.”

Company Retreats are an excellent opportunity to show your employees how much you value them and to give everyone a chance to get to know each other and have fun outside of the office.  Consider one of the above options and remember to pre-plan for a great retreat experience!