Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the positive impact that fathers everywhere have made in the lives of their children.  This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 16th, and this is a great time to give any father a gift that honors his contribution to your life and the life of your parents, siblings or children.  Whether it is easy or more difficult to generate gift ideas for the father figures in your life, you can’t go wrong with getting creative and we have detailed a few unique ideas of our own to get you started!

For the “handyman” in your life, woodworking provides an opportunity to be creative while enjoying the satisfaction of making something with your own hands that most likely also has a functional use or purpose.  Midwest Woodworkers can provide several different types of gift ideas that will make his day, including tools and gadgets, classes, and gift certificates.  It can be hard to choose tools, particularly if you are not familiar with woodworking.  You can ask him questions to gauge what would really make him happy, such as what projects he would like to do if he had spare time, what tools he could use if he had them, or pay attention to hints such as “If I just had a lathe, I could…” to get a good idea of the direction to pursue when choosing a gift.  The staff at Midwest Woodworkers can also use this information to help with gift suggestions that fit his style.  Another alternative is to give Dad a class.  Whether he’s a new woodworker or an accomplished craftsman, there is always something new to learn.  Gerry Phelan of Midwest Woodworkers notes that this isn’t a lecture in a classroom – in most classes he’ll make a project he can take home.  Classes are offered on a wide range of woodworking topics from carving to cabinet making.  You can go home with everything from a carved figurine, to a hand-made wooden pen to a small nightstand.  Even better, you can share the experience with your father and join him for a class to make projects and memories together!  If you can find something you enjoy together, he can pass along his knowledge while you both enjoy some quality time together as likely your time and attention is the best gift of all.  If you’re completely stumped on a gift for Dad, there is always the gift certificate option.  Nothing tells dad ‘It’s ok to spend time in your workshop’ like a gift certificate from Midwest Woodworkers.  They offer gift certificates by phone, on-line, or in-store.  The best part is that they can be purchased for any amount and they never expire or decline in value.   You can even get him a gift certificate for a class so he can try something new.

For all the fathers and grandfathers facing mobility issues, Laurie Dondelinger of Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare says the perfect gift is one that will promote their independence while ensuring their safety.  Kohll’s Pharmacy offers lift chairs that automatically help you get in and out of your chair safely, and a variety of other options that support mobility such as vehicle lifts, walkers and scooters.  There is even a new device called the ScooterTrailer that goes behind a vehicle to transport a wheelchair or scooter, and can be pulled by a vehicle as small as a Smart Car!  These items are not only great gifts themselves, but also provide the gift of freedom to enjoy activities outside of the home as well as the ability to continue living a happy, healthy and uninhibited life! Kohll’s is currently offering lift chairs for $200 off, vehicle lifts and stair gliders for $300 off, and walk-in tubs and showers for $500 off.  Kohll’s welcomes you to stop by and check out the largest mobility showroom in the nation, here in Omaha at 127th and Q Street!

If you are considering sprucing up Dad’s wardrobe, Bel-Air Fashions has you covered.  Bel Air Fashions is known for their selection of quality fabrics and longevity of garments.  Their garments comprise the latest in technology for pack-n-go, year round and mix-n-match options, as well as fitting impeccably.  Dick Lerner, a third generation owner of Bel-Air Fashions, emphasizes that garments are a crucial aspect in defining their clients’ professional and personal image.  Bel-Air Fashions offers both classic and modern fit garments that are great quality, affordable, fit and most importantly look professional.  Depending on the type of gift you are looking for, they have extensive sizes available for off-the-rack, custom and full made-to-measure pieces.  You can certainly utilize the expertise of Lerner and his staff at Bel-Air Fashions when picking out a gift for Father’s Day.  Currently they are making room for an exciting new department in their store, so a selection of regular merchandise has been discounted—just in time to get a great gift for your dad at a great price!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you fantastic role models and hard-working gentlemen out there, enjoy your day!