The temperatures are dipping, the Huskers are on the field and the holidays are just around the corner.  This can mean only one thing: it’s fall in the Cornhusker state!  Time to put away the shorts and the tank tops and to break out the cool weather gear.  Of course, as the seasons change, most of us find it’s time to update our wardrobes as well.  Fortunately, there are plenty of great boutiques locally that can help you find the newest and hottest in fall fashions!  We asked our boutique owners what was in for the season and gathered some great fashion input!

“There are definitely a range of styles available this fall,” comments Kylie Kaipust from Beyourself Boutique.  “There are plenty of bohemian-inspired pieces, including flowy, sheer chiffons, high-waist flair denim, maxi dresses and skirts, flat boots ranging from ankle length to over-the-knee, big floppy hats and natural stones.  There is definitely a boho ‘70s revival going on.  We’ve seen this in the spring/summer, but it has been a few years since we’ve seen so much wide-leg flare denim, tribal prints, chunky stacked bracelets and, our new favorite, flowy, printed palazzo pants!”

“Everything is loose and flowy but we have truly been seeing this for the last few seasons,” agrees Susie Keuck with Nouvelle Eve.  “I hope you loved the ‘70s baby, because they’re back!  Our other favorite new trends are feathers, fur, ponchos and shimmer and Michael Stars has some beautiful pieces from dolman tees to cashmere blend sweaters.  For fall, we suggest that everyone get a poncho and a fur vest!”

Kylie from Beyourself goes on to say, “We’re also seeing some city chic styles, like menswear inspired structured blazers, loafers and oxfords, dark skinny jeans, the highest of heels, jewel tones and big statement necklaces.  You can pair this look with another popular look—the romantic look of pretty pastels, lacy details and silky fabrics.  We are looking forward to combining the diverse trends, mixing the dressy with the casual and personalizing the look with statement accessories. We’re excited to see the return of all the boots, animal prints, blazers, and so much more!  No matter what trends are out there or what’s “in,” always remember to be yourself. It’s all about how you wear things…with confidence! If you feel good in it, you will no doubt look fabulous.”

“We’re so excited to see the mixture of textiles this season,” states Amy Zebert from Oolala Boutique.  “So many designers using multiple layers of contrasting textiles for that tribal look!  Muted taupes, golds and matte beading pull the fresh look for fall into place.  Replacing the trend of denim jeggings, we are seeing pants in a combination of knits and leathers.  Using these new basic pieces in conjunction with bold lace, feathers and furs can bring your wardrobe back to life.”

Prints are definitely in for the fall season and can be worn in a number of different ways.  Polka dots, plaids, camouflage and art swirls are just a few of the fun prints you’ll be seeing in clothes and accessories.  If you’re bold, you can try a head-to-toe print for a big statement.  If this isn’t your sort of thing, try a printed blouse or scarf for a more understated look.

Longer skirts are also very in this fall.  Though the hems may be long, the effect is still sensual in many of these pieces.  The fullness of these skirts, whether in silk, wool or flannel, have an easy fit that will flatter your body in motion.  They also look great with the season’s multitude of boots.

Tunics were really starting to make a splash last year and they will be even bigger this season.  New twists on tunics include a slight tailoring at the waist for a more flattering graze and some asymmetry at the hem, making tunics more playful.  Refined fabrics, strategic draping and added embellishments also transform tunics into alternatives for evening wear.  If you are daring, try wearing a tunic as a dress.  If you’re just hanging out and want to be comfortable, you can pair them with skinny-leg pants or bell-bottoms.  If you want to take your tunic to night time, choose a top and pants in a matching luxe fabric or try one in a high-contrast color.  Accessorize with dramatic embellishments such as big earrings, long pendants or a brooch at the waist to spotlight the beautiful soft draping.

Of course, no outfit is complete without a great purse, and that’s where Miche Bag comes in!  “Miche Bag has introduced the new, long-awaited Demi Bag for fall 2011,” explains Ruth Hamlin.  The demi is a midsized bag larger than the Classic Miche but smaller than the Prima Big Bag.  There are six shells to choose from, making this the perfect choice for a fall handbag.  In addition to the Demi Bag, Miche is offering two hipster bags – one in black and the other a rich snake skin look.  The Hipster bags offer an over the body strap for hands free shopping or playing outdoors!”

“The Miche fall collection includes rich reds, deep rusts and gorgeous leopard prints,” continues  Hamlin.  “September introductions included the newest in our Hope Collection, which is sure to be a hit in Nebraska with a contemporary red imprinted background and a powerful message imbedded into the design.  Our Morgan Prima shell offers all the ladies who desire a basic black bag a fresh new look that is sure to be a hit. Miche Bags are now available in four sizes to fit every woman’s purse-onality, the Petite, Classic, Prima and our newest Demi midsized bag.”

Miche Bags are definitely the hottest thing in handbags and we are gearing up for an amazing holiday season,” Ruth Hamlin concludes.

When shopping for your new fall look, here are a few tips:

–Shop local first.  Although it may be tempting to hop on the internet and cruise the many different fashion stores available online or to do some shopping when you make an out-of-state trip, you should consider shopping local first.  Not only does it keep your money circulating in your own city, but shopping local also gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with local boutique owners.  When you become a loyal customer of local boutiques, you will be treated with excellent customer service, one-on-one attention and more.

–Take an (honest) friend with you when you shop.  How many times have you gotten in the dressing room and agonized over whether the outfit you have on fits right or flatters your shape?  That’s why a second opinion is always a great idea.  If you have a choice, grab that friend who is always brutally honest with you and not the only who tells you you look great in everything!

–While you’re shopping for yourself, consider doing some holiday gift shopping as well.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  If you see a necklace you fall in love with, consider getting two and giving one to your fashion-loving sister or best friend.

–Keep in mind what you already have in your closet.  It’s likely that you won’t be buying an ENTIRELY new wardrobe this fall and that you’ll be combining new pieces with what you already own.  Before you go shopping, take inventory of your closet and make mental notes of what you have that you’ll be wearing again this season.  That way, when you buy a new piece, you’ll know if you already have something to pair it with or if you’ll need to buy something else to complete the outfit.

–Bring a couple of pairs of shoes with you with heels of different height.  It’s hard to imagine what dress pants will look like with high heels when you only have tennis shoes to try them on with.  Bring some of the shoes you’ll be wearing this fall with you into the store so you can try them on and make sure you’re buying proper lengths.

Fall is a great time to go shopping and accentuate your wardrobe with new and fun pieces!  Go out and shop the local boutiques to see what is new and what flatters your look and personality.