In the world of business, building strong and lasting relationships with clients is a vital component of success. While effective communication and exceptional services play significant roles, there is another powerful tool that can leave a lasting impression on clients: the art of entertaining.

Entertaining clients goes beyond the traditional boardroom meetings and formal presentations. It offers a unique opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Whether it’s a casual lunch, a corporate event or an exciting outing, the right entertainment can create an environment where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwine.

In business, we all like to put our best foot forward. With all of the amazing entertainment options available in Omaha, there is no need to stress about how to best interact with other professionals. There are options to accommodate the needs and desires of everyone.

Jeanne Belitz
Maplewood Lanes

Knocking Down Barriers

When breaking the ice with team members, having an activity that gets everyone to relax and have fun can do wonders. Bowling is one of many ways that you can entertain your team. You can keep it friendly, or you can create a competition. Regardless of how you go about it, bowling is a great social activity. Though a competition can get heated, bowling creates an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for you and your team to bond out of the office.

“At Maplewood Lanes (, we know no limits and will help you bowl in ways you’ve never bowled before. We host traditional bowling games as well as our newest edition HyperBowling!” shared General Manager Jeanne Belitz. “HyperBowling combines bowling with video game-like technology. Hyper Bowling will surely add a new dimension to your party!”

With a variety of party and event packages available, Maplewood Lanes can entertain with bowling as well provide beverages and food. They also offer customized packages and alternative scheduling to ensure they are meeting your budgeting needs. If all clients need to pay independently, Maplewood Lanes can reserve and charge their corporate rate individually.

To ease the stress of both meeting with new clients and planning an event, Maplewood Lanes ensures that every detail of your event is handled. From assisting with ensuring names are pre-set in the scoring system to answering any questions you have, Maplewood Lanes sets you up for success. Make party planning easy by calling Maplewood Lanes.

Patrick Corbitt
Escape Rooms

Escape the Office to Entertain Clients

Though escape rooms are rapidly growing in popularity, there are many people that haven’t tried one yet. In the business world, escape rooms provide a great way to open communication and promote teamwork. At Industrial Escape Rooms (, they do everything they can to ensure that they create a great experience for you and your clients – or as they call it, have a fantastic hour-long “teachable moment.”

“We want our customers to walk in expecting to have a great experience, and then we want to exceed that expectation,” stated Owner and Chief GameMaster Patrick Corbitt.

With a variety of escape room options including a Sherlock Holmes theme, a pirate theme and a sinking ship theme, Industrial Escape Rooms is equipped to accommodate the various needs and desires of your clients.

Before booking, it is important to determine the best time to try and get a group together, if the group should be divided for friendly competition or all work together, if there is a theme preference and if there are any special needs to take into consideration. Industrial Escape Rooms is happy to accommodate and strives to make the experience go as smoothly as possible. Their escape rooms are equipped for fun for up to eight people, and up to 24 people can participate in a single session occupying all three rooms. So, whether showing up with a few clients or several teams, everyone can join in on the fun.

Building Connections

When people think about photo booths, they typically think of weddings, parties or silly events. But, that isn’t always the case. FotoFunSpot ( photo booths can be a strong business builder, as they can help with building your brand, collecting data and increasing social engagement.

FotoFunSpot can build a photo template that strongly represents your brand. They’ll work with your corporate communications team to design templates that will get your brand in front of countless people. Photos from every photo booth session can be inserted into a template that matches your style. They include recognizable elements such as your company logo.

To better connect with your clients, FotoFunSpot photo booths can ask questions as part of the photo session. You can ask questions pertaining to who they work with, what their favorite foods are and anything else you want to know. You can address any information that would help you better connect with them.

Because businesses love to maintain a good social media presence, FotoFunSpot’s branded photos are a great way to connect with people that follow your clients.

Without great relationships with your clients, your business would operate much differently. To build and maintain relationships as well as to show your appreciation for your clients, treat them to one of the vast entertainment options available in Omaha. Support your fellow local businesses while enjoying the company of your clients!