The ability to entertain clients is one of the best skills to have in any corporate setting.  If you impress your clients, it means repeat business as well as a better overall relationship, level of communication, and many other perks down the road.  The trick to entertaining clients is to find out what they enjoy and make sure they have a good time while in your company, and taking advantage of this personal opportunity to learn more about your client and their business.

Kimmylea-Konsel-Limelight-ExpressionsKimmyLea Konsel, co-owner of LimeLight Expressions, says “Client entertainment is an important part of building good relationships with your customers. When you get to know your customers in a more personal setting, they tend to not only remember you more, but they really want to do more business with their “friend”. It’s all about offering your best clients, or strategically targeted clients, some form of social activity that shows you appreciate their business. Different types of client entertainment include a simple dinner at a decent restaurant right up to steaks that you can cut with the fork, a box at the Husker football game, impressive tickets for a highly desirable concert or even a client appreciation event for more mingling with your most valued or potential customers.”  She adds, “The benefits of client entertainment can be seen in all different levels. Every client is different–some want to be wowed by your superior client entertainment while others will offer you their business just because you fulfill their needs.  LimeLight Expressions is a full-service event planning, photography and design company. We can fulfill your needs and help you impress your customers with a tailored event specifically for your company, showing that appreciation to your clients.  LimeLight Expressions can even create memorable customized marketing materials to fit your needs and gain the exposure that you have been looking for in your business.” LimeLight Expressions is family owned and operated company with over 7 years of experience in the Omaha area. They know exactly how to build great relationships. Let them help you brand your business and bring in the customers, so you can build those lasting relationships and put you in the LimeLight.

Elizabeth-Edwards-Omaha-BallroomElizabeth Edwards, owner of Omaha Ballroom, agrees that there are many ways to entertain clients for each unique businessperson.  “At Omaha Ballroom we do not stop at doing the minimum by just giving our students dance lessons. We like to help our clients in any way by going out with them to use their dancing. We make sure our teachers organize nights where we take our students out dancing so they can practice what they learn at events and nightclubs. On Wednesday nights at Rednecks Country Bar, Omaha Ballroom loves to invite all of our students and teachers out to practice their country swing and two step. When there is live band our teachers will go on their day off to take a group of our clients out swing dancing on the weekends. We know our students appreciate the extra help and it gives them confidence. Plus it shows the public how much fun dancing is.” She adds, “Omaha Ballroom also teams up with the company “Cruise Planners” and puts together a cruise once a year. Our “Dancing at Sea Cruise” will be November 10-17 and we will be traveling on Norweigian Cruise lines to four amazing ports. We teach our clients dance lessons on the boat as well has help them dance the night away at the clubs.”

Examples of Great Ways to Entertain Your Clients:

• Feed them! Taking clients out for a nice meal is a basic and often expected part of entertaining.  This sets the stage for great professional and personal conversations as well as potential business deals.

• Take them to a sporting event.  We are lucky to live in the great state of Nebraska, where you have an opportunity to do this with a great selection of Husker events throughout the year!  Even an afternoon at the golf course is a great way to enjoy some relaxing private time out of the office and a bit of healthy competition.

• Show them around Omaha.  There are some great places right here in Omaha that many visitors are likely to enjoy, and it is also really disappointing to take a business trip to another city and not get a chance to take in some of the local flavor.

• Be original–think outside the box! If you take the time to get to know your clients, you will be able to come up with the best and most creative ways to entertain them.  There’s a good chance your client has been entertained in a professional context before, so this is your chance to stand out and show them they can trust your decision-making and planning in other settings.