Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  No matter how you feel about the holiday, you should be making some plans now for how you want to celebrate it.  Though those who are single sometimes dread this holiday, there’s no reason you shouldn’t plan something fun with those who are close to you, even if that does not include a significant other!  Here are a few ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day, no matter what your romantic status may be!


Flowers are always a big deal on Valentine’s Day.  Most women love receiving flowers at work, where everyone can see what their sweetheart gave them!  Remember, guys, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so you need to be thinking ahead if you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend at the office.  Consider sending her something on Friday to celebrate the holiday early, or even on Monday (just remember to do something for her on Sunday as well or she’ll think you forgot!).  If you know your sweetie’s favorite types of flowers, you’ll probably want to incorporate them into the bouquet. If not, put the project in the hands of a professional who can create something truly unique.

Salon or Massage Services

Whether you are shopping for a man or woman, salon or massage services are always a great idea for a gift.  What woman wouldn’t enjoy getting an hour-long relaxing massage or a cut and color for a Valentine’s Day gift?  And don’t forget, men need haircuts and enjoy massages as well.

Many salons offer gift certificates that can be used for any service.  This is a great idea if you’re not sure if your significant other would rather have a hair, nail or spa service.

Gifts for Vehicles

Why not do something a little non-traditional this year?  A great gift for a man or a woman would be a remote car starter.  “Your sweetie will certainly enjoy hopping into a warm vehicle in the winter or a cool vehicle in the summer,” states Rick Quistad with Jones Automotive.  “A remote starter from the people who started it all—Jones Automotive—can make this dream come true.”
Other ideas for vehicles might be a new sound system, a detailing service or a repair that is needed.  Consider trading vehicles with your sweetheart for the day and then bringing it home with the new product(s) installed or with it fully cleaned and sparkling!

Plan a ‘Staycation’

“Valentine ’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, making it especially hard to get away for a romantic weekend,” explained Chelsie Kennedy with Country Inn & Suites by Carlson-Omaha Airport.  “So why not cut your travel time and expenses down and plan a romantic ‘staycation’ for your loved one?  Ask for our romance package to book a night or two in one of our spacious jacuzzi suites and receive complimentary chocolates and champagne upon arrival. Relax and unwind, then let our shuttle van take you down to the Old Market for a romantic dinner for two. Wake up and enjoy our complimentary ‘Be our Guest’ breakfast. Planning to stay in the area saves both time and money, while still getting that ‘away from home’ feeling. Our Romance Jacuzzi package is just an added touch when planning your romantic ‘staycation.’”

If you have children, consider asking the grandparents to watch them for a weekend or plan for them to spend the night with friends so you and your sweetheart can spend some quality time together.  You might also consider moving your ‘staycation’ to the weekend before or after the holiday as there is no rule stating that you must celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th!

If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day to dread if you’re single.  There are plenty of fun things you can do!

Girls (or Guys) Night Out

One of the reasons single people don’t look forward to Valentine’s Day is because they don’t want to be alone.  Even if you’re not currently part of a couple, there’s no reason why you should be spending the 14th alone.  Almost everyone has friends who are also single and who are probably wondering what to do today just as much as you are!  Get them all together in a group and hit the town!  While you probably will want to avoid the restaurants (unless you have made reservations), you can make plans to see a movie, have a few cocktails or attend a sporting event.

The other option is to have a night in.  Invite your single friends over and make dinner, have a bottle of wine and play board games, watch a movie or just chat.  It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your friends and they’ll be sure to appreciate the fact that you offered them an alternative to being alone on the 14th!

Treat Yourself to a Salon Service

Why not make Valentine’s Day a day of pampering for yourself?  Take yourself to the salon for a new cut and color or to a spa or massage therapist for a relaxing or rejuvenating massage.  If your salon or spa of choice isn’t open on Sunday, make an appointment for the day before or day after, then spend Sunday with your family or friends.  You’ll remember this as a Valentine’s Day where you were treated wonderfully—by yourself!

Spend it with Family

Get together with your siblings, your children, your parents or even cousins who you haven’t seen in a while.  Make a big family dinner and just enjoy each others company.  By the end of the evening, you will probably forget that this was ever a day you weren’t looking forward to!  Don’t just assume that because some of your family members are married or in relationships that they might not want to spend the day (or weekend) with you.  Some couples would rather spend time with a group of people or with family that doing something with just the two of them, so make sure you ask those closest to you what their plans are for the evening!

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples.  It’s a day to spend with those you love and celebrate that love for each other.  Make plans now to spend the day doing fun things with those who are closest to you and you’ll never dread another February 14th!