Throughout challenges, our pets play a remarkable role in our lives, offering not only happiness, but also a profound sense of comfort and emotional support. Business leaders often find themselves immersed in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, where the pace and challenges can be relentless. It’s during these chaotic and high-pressure situations that our furry companions shine. Their unconditional love, playful antics and the simple joy they bring to our lives act as a counterbalance to the complexities we face in our professional endeavors, making our connection with them all the more precious.

At Strictly Business, we believe people choose to do business with people they know, like and trust. As almost every pet owner can attest, our furry friend(s) play a big role in our lives. Getting to “meet” these business leaders’ pets gives us a little look into their hearts and homes. Who doesn’t love photos of cute animals? Reach out to us if you’d like to introduce your pet(s) to all our readers while promoting your business!


Dr. Frannie with Pediatric Dental Specialists ( is the owner of two amazing dogs:

  • Four-year-old Australian Shepard (Monkey Rensch) – Monkey loves frisbees, going on runs and treats.
  • One-year old Golden Retriever (Alan Rensch) – Alan is a friend to anyone he meets and loves watching the bunnies and squirrels in our yard.

“I attended UNMC dental school and LSU for pediatric residency. I am board certified with the American Board of Pediatric Dentists, a member of the ADA, AAPD and NDA,” shared Dr. Frannie. “Our goal at Pediatric Dental Specialists is to partner with parents to create healthy smiles and early positive dental experiences for children that will last a lifetime. We aim to create a welcoming environment at our office that helps empower young children to feel confident with their smiles.”

At Pediatric Dental Specialists, they strive to be a lifelong partner in dental care for families. For more information, go to To contact the Omaha office, call (402) 397-3377 or email


Adam (aka shy kitty) and Steve (aka outgoing kitty) joined Envoy, Inc. ( in July 2016. They were two-month-old brothers adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society. Immediately, they were given the title of Morale Officers, and they filled that role purr-fectly! They remind us that curiosity and play are essential to maintaining a creative edge. In addition, they are experts in crisis communications. They understand the importance of maintaining a positive brand image, especially during challenging times. They know that engaging a company’s consumers can drive growth. Especially in today’s rapidly evolving market, engaging with consumers is crucial for the success of a business. Adam and Steve know all about “unleashing” – especially how to unleash a business’s potential and bring a creative perspective to every marketing campaign.

Well, they may have a little help. Envoy’s talented professionals will work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals. With our creative strategies and out-of-the-box thinking, we will unleash your business’s potential and help you stand out from the competition. Together (along with Adam and Steve), we can achieve remarkable results and drive your business to new heights. For more information about Envoy, Inc., visit


Meet Zelda, our office dog here at Strictly Business ( our Presdient Paige adopted from the Humane Society. She welcomes us into the office every day with lots of barks and tail wagging. Throughout the day, she acts as our guard dog and barks every time the door opens or someone makes a noise outside. No one shows up without us knowing! When the door opens, she chases the light that reflects off the glass, sometimes waiting by the door for someone to play with her. When Paige is gone, she’ll walk around so all of us can pet her, sometimes crawling into our laps for cuddles. No matter what kind of day we have at the office, we can count on Zelda to make us smile.

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