The architecture of Omaha reflects its rich history and diverse influences over the years. The city’s architectural landscape encompasses a mixture of historic buildings, modern structure and various architectural styles.

In addition to preserving its historic structures, Omaha has embraced modern architecture in its commercial and residential developments. The city features sleek office towers, contemporary residential complexes and innovative cultural buildings.

Omaha’s architecture reflects its growth history and evolving identity as a major city in the heart of the United States. The city’s blend of old and new, historic and contemporary contributes to its architectural charm and appeal to both residents and visitors. As such, the people who have shaped, and continue to shape, this vibrant community deserve to be recognized. So, what has everyone been up to?

Toby Varner
Huffman Engineering

Huffman Engineering, Inc.

Huffman Engineering, Inc. ( is currently working with a global pharmaceutical company on a greenfield site to provide controls for single-use bioreactors and single-use mixers as well as site-wide system integration. This is the highly-technical equipment necessary in the production of vaccines for livestock and animal health. Since Omaha is at the northern edge of the animal health corridor that runs through the Midwest, they only see the market for animal health and food production growing in the future.

Huffman Engineering has also been working with The City of Omaha for several years on their CSO project to purify the city’s wastewater. They have worked with MUD on two initiatives: to help heat Omaha using natural gas and allowing the residents of Omaha to be secure knowing their drinking water is clean and safe, ensuring the infrastructure is put in place to keep it that way for decades to come.

Because their expertise is in the automation of highly-regulated industries, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, water/wastewater, electrical utilities, food and beverage and natural gas, Huffman Engineering believes they can help ease the burden of workforce shortages, cybersecurity concerns, everchanging compliance regulations and improved efficiency and performance while upgrading legacy systems with new automation.

“Companies looking to the future with a shrinking workforce and higher expectations from international markets will have to employ automation and digital strategies to keep up with the pace of technology and competing markets,” shared Industrials Manager Toby Varner. “This is an exciting time to shape the future of manufacturing and public utilities.” The systems that operate the basics of our society are dependent on automation for the future health of our state and country, and this digital transformation will require the highly technical expertise of system integrators to ensure that production of our most fundamental systems continues to operate in a manner that supports the communities we live and work in.

Nikki Klugh
Nikki Klugh Design

Nikki Klugh Design Group, Inc.

With Omaha growing daily, Nikki Klugh Design Group ( has noticed that following design trends isn’t at the front of most people’s minds. Rather, the trend of starting a new chapter and the need of their home or office to reflect that change. Those at Nikki Klugh Design Group have learned that you never know what is on the horizon, and big life changes often come with their own unique design needs.

Currently, Nikki Klugh Design Group is working with an organization called Move-In Day Mafia, which strives to give college students a different first day feeling. The “MAFIA” is an army of volunteers who show up to campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to provide these underserved yet deserving freshmen with a dorm room makeover experience and other support to make sure their dreams of graduation won’t shatter. Nikki Klugh and her team have created dorm room designs for the participating students to start the year on a high note and are currently working on making those design concepts a reality.

“I truly believe we all need and deserve a place of respite when we’re swamped with the ugliness of the world… a beautiful and restorative sanctuary… a Sacred Space,” stated Nikki Klugh, Founder & Principal Designer of Nikki Klugh Design Group, Inc.

Moving forward, Nikki Klugh Design Group will continue to bring diversity of thought and help Omaha to continue its forward thinking path by incorporating a global perspective to design. Expansion is happening all around the city, and that doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Pitzl Contracting, LLC

Because construction markets vary in regards to the number of projects available, Pitzl Contracting, LLC bids on a mixture of residential and commercial projects. As one market speeds up, the other tends to slow down. By working in both markets, Pitzl Contracting is able to stay busy and continuously help Omaha grow and imrpove.

Recently, Pitzl Contracting has noticed a big trend towards in-ground pools in residential areas. Everyone wants a private pool in their backyard to swim and cool off from the summer heat. They have also completed projects for outdoor malls in the area, including Shadow Lake Mall.

Currently, Pitzl Contracting is working on completely remodeling an apartment complex to better accommodate the needs of Omaha residents. They are making repairs and upgrading the complex to meet a higher standard of living. In other projects, they are noticing an increase in spaces requiring remodeling and repurposing as people make do with the space they have.

Omaha has been rapidly growing since before Pitzl Contracting started business, and won’t slow anytime soon. With Pitzl Contracting now contributing to the growth of Omaha, it will continue to get bigger and absorb surrounding towns. They will continue to build southward, while also expanding to the west with more lake houses.

Omaha has experienced significant growth over the years, and will continue to experience steady growth. Whether in the form of new construction or repurposed construction, the opportunities in Omaha continue to make it a vibrant city. This growth has brought many opportunities to the community, and will continue to benefit the community in the coming years.

New construction, though slowing, offers the opportunity to create something fresh and tailored to a desired purpose. From the initial planning and design stages to the final construction and finishing touches, it’s a journey that brings ideas to life.

Repurposed construction, increasing in popularity, involves taking existing structures or materials and transforming them for new uses. It’s a sustainable and creative approach that reduces waste and gives new life to old buildings and materials. Repurposing buildings is a great way to add character and uniqueness to a project that will solve a problem, while also being environmentally conscious.

The skilled professionals of Omaha have been working hard to make our city amazing, and they are doing a great job of bettering our community. Let’s give all the local Omaha businesses that make this possible a big pat on the back – they deserve it!