Owning a building, whether for business or residence, involves significant investment and responsibilities. To protect this investment and ensure safety and comfort for clients, employees and family, timely preventive maintenance is crucial. It saves money in the long run, maintains efficiency, reduces energy use and preserves assets. Preventive maintenance covers everything from office equipment to plumbing, heating, electrical systems and building maintenance like doors, gutters and insulation. Relying only on reactive maintenance can lead to downtime, missed deadlines and damage to your brand, while diligent maintenance improves productivity, reliability and safety. For your benefit, Omaha houses numerous businesses capable of handling all of your building maintenance needs.

For over two decades, Engineered Controls (engineeredcontrols.com) has specialized in devising, setting up, overseeing and maintaining comprehensive building management and security solutions for a wide array of buildings and facilities. Their focus lies in crafting user-friendly building automation and security systems that prioritize maximum energy efficiency, occupant comfort and a secure workplace environment.

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

According to Pat Killeen, President and CEO of the company, “Properly maintained building systems ensure peak efficiency and prolonged operational lifespan, reducing operational expenses and unnecessary capital outlay. Well-controlled and managed systems not only ensure cost savings, but also foster optimum employee satisfaction and heightened productivity.”

Engineered Controls offers customizable maintenance plans tailored to individual customer needs. They emphasize that a well-maintained system not only offsets costs, but also extends equipment life, making it a cost-neutral investment when factoring in energy savings. Moreover, a robust maintenance program guarantees uninterrupted operational efficiency for buildings.

Pat elaborates on their advisory service program, Adviser, which provides a suite of building management services and cloud-based resources. “Adviser is designed to monitor energy and operational efficiency, steering facilities toward optimization. Customers benefit from access to energy and automation experts, supported by advanced analytics technology, providing the requisite service and information to maximize efficiency and accomplish business objectives.”

Partnering with leading suppliers of building technologies, Control Depot (controldepotinc.com), as a Honeywell Authorized Systems Distributor, offers an extensive range of Honeywell products for both commercial and residential HVAC controls and security requirements. From basic residential thermostats to sophisticated web-based building automation systems, Control Depot ensures comprehensive support and access to necessary Honeywell parts.

Jeff Killeen
Control Depot

Jeff Killeen, President of Control Depot, underscores the role of building automation controls in managing HVAC, lighting and safety systems, transforming buildings into “smart buildings” or “smart homes.” They cater to residential homeowners and commercial enterprises, supplying essential products and aiding growing businesses in integrating their bespoke solutions for building control technology.

The company prioritizes staying abreast of technological advancements to keep pace with organizational growth. Control Depot’s team comprises skilled individuals committed to offering personalized service grounded in experience, ensuring they remain well-versed in evolving technologies to best serve their clientele.

Jeff emphasizes their primary objective: “Providing systems and replacement parts that ensure a secure, comfortable working environment and significantly reduce energy wastage. We assist companies in fostering sustainability and enhancing their financial performance.”
Aside from the operational capabilities of buildings, building maintenance also includes maintaining a clean and sanitized environment as well as a visually appealing one.

Maintaining stone surfaces in buildings, whether floors or countertops, is essential to preserve their appearance and longevity. While damaged-looking stone might appear beyond repair, professional restoration can often bring it back to life, saving the expense of replacement. However, Lifetime Stone Restoration (lifetimestone.com) suggests performing regular maintenance of newly installed or recently restored stone surfaces, as it is more cost-effective than letting them deteriorate and then restoring them later.

Don Mlnarik
Lifetime Stone Restoration

Highly trafficked areas on stone floors benefit from periodic one-step polishing to prevent them from becoming worn and dull. According to Owner Don Mlnarik, “Stone has a natural beauty that ceramic or porcelain tiles do not have, but requires more routine maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.”

In bathrooms with stone countertops, preventing mineral deposits from water around faucets is crucial to avoid the development of a white haze. Additionally, some stone counters are sensitive to acidic substances present in hand soaps or sanitizers, leading to dulling. Timely restoration when signs of deterioration appear can prevent further damage to the stone.

For ceramic tile and grout, regular cleaning is essential, and grout should be sealed periodically, typically every couple of years. Failure to seal or clean grout regularly can lead to stubborn stains that permanently discolor it. While there are methods to rectify stained grout, regular maintenance will consistently save costs in the long run, ensuring the surfaces remain attractive and durable.

Lifetime Stone Restoration understands that achieving clean, sparkling stone surfaces in your building isn’t a single-step endeavor guaranteeing eternal pristine condition. Acknowledging the importance of regular upkeep to increase longevity and reduce overall costs, Lifetime Stone Restoration is committed to assisting with ongoing maintenance requirements.

Building upkeep is a crucial investment, offering significant time and cost savings in the long run. Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, it’s important to engage with experienced businesses and experts specializing in building maintenance. Taking proactive steps by reaching out to these professionals today ensures that your building’s upkeep is well-managed, allowing you to stay ahead in sustaining its condition and functionality.