Back to School in Omaha, NE – 2017

It’s back to school time! What’s happening in the lives of students and their families this month as they prepare varies greatly depending on the scenario. What this looks like for parents sending their kids off to their first day of elementary school is different than parents sending them off to middle school or high school. Then there are the parents sending off their new college freshman who will be living on campus, in-state or out-of-state, young adults preparing for another year of college, and on to adult students who are returning to the classroom to pursue a degree, some of whom are making preparations at the same time for their children who are also going back to school. For all of these, there’s a lot to do and think about ahead of time. Not to worry – no matter what you need to be well-prepared, there’s a local resource that can help you with it! While shopping for clothes and supplies and orientation are a given, there are others out there that you may not know about, but if you did, you’d absolutely add them to the list.

One such resource that is making a big difference in the lives of kids with special needs and their families here in our community is the Children’s Respite Care Center. With such busy schedules resuming once school is in session, the Weekend Respite Program at CRCC is designed to provide the entire family a break from the intense structures of the weekly routine and offers an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

Sarah Tselentis-Children's Respite Care Center

Sarah Tselentis
Children’s Respite Care Center

Sarah Tselentis with Children’s Respite Care Center offers the following details about the program:

“Our Weekend Respite Program provides support to families from 6:00 p.m. on Friday until 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. Whether a family needs a few hours to run errands or a weekend getaway Children’s Respite Care Center is a unique resource for families. Operated from our Northwest center, this recreational and leisure program includes group and individual time, with opportunities for indoor or outdoor play. Experiences can include large-motor activities, games, music, arts & crafts, cooking activities, socializing with friends or a quieter atmosphere for a retreat-like weekend.

For instance, the Weekend Respite Program’s Movie Nights are a Friday night event for our clients and a night out for their parents. They get to enjoy a featured movie on the big screen! The night includes dinner, a movie, and activities to go along with the featured film. Movie nights are scheduled every 4-6 weeks, with overnight care available.

Another exciting program Weekend Respite has to offer is Themed Weekends. Whether it’s an alien encounter at our ‘Out of This World Weekend,’ an indoor snowball fight at our ‘Weekend Winter Wonderland,’ a karaoke sing-off at our ‘American Idol Showdown,’ or telling ghost stories at our ‘Spooktacular Saturday,’ Theme Weekends are all about fun. The weekend program hosts these special events quarterly. There are many different activities, entertainment and special treats all based around a theme. It is a great time for the clients to enjoy a party atmosphere that is designed to fit their needs.”

As for what all CRCC provides for children and families in general, she explains, “Here at CRCC, we understand the difficulties families face when trying to manage the business of daily life. Having a child with special needs provides added complexities in scheduling and has an impact on a family’s ability to attend routinely scheduled events, especially for those who have multiple children. Our Center and programming are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families with special medical, developmental, cognitive, and impairment-impacted children by offering comprehensive services all under one roof.

Also, if your child is getting ready to hit a transition age, we can assist you on your road to success. Particularly for those who are turning 18 or 21, there are many things that parents need to prepare for, from funding changes to new care placement. This can be a challenge for families but being prepared and knowing what to expect will help with a smooth transition.

CRCC’s Community Care Coordinator, Kate Addison, can assess the needs of each family and determine how the needs of the child and the organization align. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact her directly at (402) 895-4000 or

Visit our website to learn more about CRCC, where you will find opportunities to volunteer and support our programs.”

As previously mentioned, but applying to all parents across the board, it’s hard to juggle the stuff of daily life and still have time left to pursue one’s own goals and dreams. That being said, it’s important to take the time for self-care and to better yourself, as you are the main role model for your child(ren).

Even for those who aren’t parents, balancing all aspects of one’s life – work, family, social life, community involvement, hobbies, etc. – is a formidable challenge. There’s just not enough time in the day. Add in trying to go back to school and further your education to open new doors, advance in your career, or obtain the job you’ve always wanted and it can seem like quite the tall order. But with so many different degree programs that have been designed based on these challenges and adapted to the needs of the “non-traditional” college student, it’s entirely possible. There are great options these days for degree programs completed in part or fully through online courses, making higher education more accessible for all.

For example, at Concordia University, Nebraska, there are options of 100% online, hassle-free business graduate degrees. This program was specifically designed for working adults. You can earn an MBA online in as little as 18 months, and still learn from faculty who are experts on the subject matter and who develop a personal relationship with their students. With rigorous IACBE-accredited curriculum, you can take what you learn in class and apply it to your job the next day. You’ll have the support of a connected community dedicated to your success from day one, and even after graduation.

Online MBA Programs offered at Concordia University, Nebraska include the following options: Accounting, Business Intelligence, Finance, Human Resources Management, Leadership and Managing Team through Change, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, and Risk Management.

Those are just a couple of the many things to think about, but ones that are well worth looking into if what they have to offer resonates with you. The 2017-18 school year is upon us, but there’s still a little bit of time yet this month to get your ducks in a row!