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Hello! We’re the Birge family, and we’re the proud owners behind Big Birge Plumbing ( Our passionate plumbing team is here to provide you with honest and friendly customer service and quality American craftsmanship at a fair price. Whether you need help with a kitchen or bathroom remodel, water heater repair, gas or water piping, or the really fun stuff like drain cleaning and clogged toilets, we will be there with a wrench and a smile.

Meet Omaha’s Plumbing Power Couple!

Brad and Lallenia Birge started Big Birge Plumbing in 2012, operating out of their garage with just one plumbing truck. Since then, they’ve grown to having 15 talented team members and a commercial space off 204th Street in Elkhorn. Brad has over 20 years of plumbing experience. He started in the construction industry at the age of 14, working for a local company learning window, seamless steel gutter, and siding installation. Brad quickly worked his way up to foreman which taught him how to manage his own jobs and a crew of men. After evaluating his future, he decided to launch his career in a trade profession. A commercial/industrial plumbing company took a chance on him and enrolled Brad in the apprenticeship program. During this time, he began to appreciate the beauty and art involved in plumbing and was hooked!

“I have had the privilege of learning from some of the best plumbers today. They taught me plumbing theory, code, and tricks of the trade to make me efficient, professional, and knowledgeable,” said Brad.
After years of hard work, Brad earned the level of journeyman plumber and was promoted to foreman by his last employer. He has now accomplished getting his Masters License and starting/owning a plumbing company in Omaha.

“It is my wish to use the gifts the Lord has blessed me with, as well as my education and experience to bring the best possible plumbing service to the Omaha Metro and surrounding areas,” Brad added.

Lallenia, on the other hand, may not have years of plumbing experience under her belt but she sure understands marketing and customer service! She’s actually the one who motivated and encouraged Brad to go off on his own when she saw his talent and no quit attitude. They joined together as business partners to start Big Birge Plumbing. She has helped the business establish itself as a trusted, respected, and professional company in the industry. Lallenia’s background is in fitness. She loves working with people and helping them become stronger and healthier. While now her path as changed to being a mom, wife and business owner she still enjoys teaching fitness classes on the side. (She and Brad actually met at the gym where Lallenia worked as a personal trainer!)

Together, Brad and Lallenia have an amazing son and two precious daughters. Family is always their top priority, and they take that family mentality into work with them each day.

“Big Birge did a great job at my house last week. Brad was able to cut away all the tree roots that had collapsed the pipe 12.5 feet underground. He replaced the pipe and installed some spickets so 20–25 years from now, should the tree roots grow back and give me problems, all he has to do is snake em’ outside through the spicket. Thank you Big Birge for your outstanding work. I would HIGHLY recommend Big Birge for any type of drain cleaning or plumbing. Brad is honest, reliable, and cares about his customers.” – Jean T.

“Every person we work with at Big Birge was super nice and answered all of our questions. They replaced all the plumbing inside the house and put in all new bathroom appliances. They arrived when they said they would, did what they said they would, and stayed within the contracted amount. Awesome team of professionals!” – Terri S.

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