It is very important to make sure that all of your registrations with Google, Bing and Yahoo are in order.  Every website needs to do this at the start of the marketing campaign because it can take several weeks for it to work.  Because these links can help your website so much, it is necessary to do this right away.  One word of advice…if you are like me, this can get boring and redundant.  Do not skip any steps or do them out of order.  In this way, you will ensure your maximum success.

Steps to Index and Register your Website with Google

Indexing (Registering) your Website with the Google Search Engines.

1. Go To

2. Add Your Website Address in the Top Box

3. In the 2nd Box, Add Your Comments.  These are keywords and keyphrases that are associated with your business.  After each keyword/keyphrase, make sure to put in the city and state abbreviation that you are targeting.  Get into the habit of this.

Registering Your Website with the Google Local Places/Maps

1. Go to and click on Get Started

2. If you are not logged in, it will ask you to log in with a Google Account.  (A Gmail Account will work just fine).  It will also give you the option to create one if you don’t have one.

3. Click on the “Add Another Business” Link on the Right Hand Side of the Screen.

4. The next screen should be the Google Places screen with the country and phone number.  Type in the phone number to see if your business is already listed or not.

5. If it’s not listed, you will need to set up a new account.  Google will walk you through this.  Make sure you list the following:

• Country • Company/Organization • Street Address

• City/Town • State • Zipcode • Phone Number

• Email Address (This is often left blank)

• Website Address (URL). This is also left blank a lot.

• Description (start with company name and then city and state.  Describe your business in one or two sentences after that).

• Category.  This is very important.  Have your four keywords/keyphrases you want to emphasize as Google will allow you to create four custom categories.  Again, put the city and state abbreviation after the custom made categories you create.

• Fill in the rest of the information after that.  When you are finished, hit the submit button.

• You will either be able to verify the information with a phone call or a postcard sent to your business.

• Once you are activated, you will be live in the Google Maps section in 24-72 Hours.

By doing this, you will allow your site to be seen more easily by the very people you are trying to target, which is your local customers and potential consumers of your products and services.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you would like to learn how to do the same with Yahoo and Bing, please visit our website at for that information or feel free to contact Wayne Boesiger at 402-310-4362 or  He owns the business Tomorrows Online Marketing and co-owns an online SEO School called