What are the BEST Gifts for Kids and Adults?
So Christmas, Hanukah and all of the traditional end of year holidays are approaching and if you are like many around here you are thinking…

1. “I’m pissed off about the elections and worried about money now”…either because you didn’t want the guy in office OR because now you’re worried about all the people who didn’t want the guy in office and the economic ripples that are starting. Either way you are likely worried about something to do with money either short or long term because that’s part of what responsible people do—we worry!

2. “I don’t know what to get my kids for Christmas because I’m tired of buying them crap that breaks in a week or that makes so many noises I want to break it in a week.”

3. “I don’t want to buy my kids too much technology stuff or more video games because their brains are already turning to mush from all the TV and video games they have now.”

4. “I don’t know what to get my husband/wife for Christmas because we agreed we wouldn’t go overboard and if I buy one more tie/one more sweater I’m pretty sure they are going to just sigh and pretend to be happy but they really aren’t.”

5. “Hmmm, my pants are starting to fit tighter…maybe I ate too much at Thanksgiving and the three holiday parties I had to go to. I sure hope my new years resolutions work this time even though they never have before.”

So if any of these sound at all like you, then maybe you need to look towards simple solutions. Most people in America are stressed out and just tired of feeling like they are slammed by so much commercialized JUNK and hype having to do with big box businesses trying to squeeze every dime out of you that they can. The meaning of many of our holidays has been lost and most of the big companies would have you believe that the holidays aren’t about family, reflection, thanks, or anything to do with any religion at all…they simply want you to believe that the only way to celebrate is by buying or consuming as much overpriced and meaningless stuff possible that will add no value to your life and will break right after the 30 day warranty.

So consider the following in thinking about REAL solutions that can last longer than 30 days:

1. Would you like your kid(s) to have an unfair advantage over pretty much every one of their peers in their ability to get better grades, improve focus, get into the college they want or get the job they want?

2. Would you like your kid(s) to be healthy and have less to worry about in their future when it comes to health care–in whatever form it may end up someday?

3. Would you like your spouse to feel better, look better, live longer, have fewer health problems and overall just be in a better place?

If you answered “yes” or even “maybe” to any of these three questions then I would strongly encourage you to look at the programs available that could help. Tiger Rock Academy has martial arts and fitness programs that have been PROVEN to satisfy all three of these issues. With multiple locations, wellness programs, and over 18 years in Lincoln, Tiger Rock Academy (402-483-1011) has become a huge resource in our community. So, the only question becomes, were you serious when you answered those questions or are you just going to go buy another tie or another toy that will soon break? Do something real this year….if Tiger Rock Academy isn’t for you after trying it, then consider some of the other fitness options that can satisfy at least one of the 3 things we discussed above! Stop waiting for new years to bring new failures and frustrations….DO something about it now and finish the year STRONG!

For additional information on Health, Safety and Wellness contact Jeff Dousharm at Jeff@ParadigmImpactGroup.com

by Jeff Dousharm, President
Tiger Rock – 402.570.1166