So the last two months I have talked about some great stuff regarding working out, finding your WHY to overcome obstacles, and sticking to what really works…which takes more than just a resolution. Spring is a time when many business owners, sales staff and other professionals travel a great deal.  Conferences, extended sales visits and more put us on the road, in the air and all over the place staying in hotels and different cities.

When we travel, we expose ourselves to different water supplies, different allergens, usually more unhealthy food, and a number of other issues.  So this makes it more challenging to take care of ourselves properly.  We often put on a few pounds or get sick from traveling, not having time to work out, and just not staying focused.

Last month I was on the road for over half the month–Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles and a few other places kept me busy.  It was a good busy where I was speaking, selling and consulting for some great conferences and businesses, but it was also a huge challenge to take care of myself in order to avoid sickness and to be at my best every time I went on stage or put on training sessions.  I’m thankful I stuck to it, because the last day of my travels was the most important as I had a major presentation and was essentially “selling from the stage”.  If I had been sick or too run down, it would have been very costly.

So what are some of the biggest challenges?

1. On the road we usually eat more fast food and even hotel restaurants offer a very limited number of healthy options.  When we are in a hurry we often neglect our nutrition.

2. We get run down trying to network and take care of everything.  When we get exhausted our immune system is compromised.

3. Some drink a bit more alcohol to be “social”.

4. Tap water from different cities can be quite a bit different and can upset many people’s digestive tract and the harmony of our bodies’ systems.

5. At hotels we are exposed to a tremendous amount of allergens and germs.

So what are a few things we can do to fight these challenges, avoid getting sick and be at least somewhat healthy?

1. Buy bottled water at the store and keep it with you….and drink tons!  Switch half of your “social” drinks to a bottle of water by alternating.  This will save you money AND keep you hydrated!

2. Don’t ever, I mean EVER, drink from a “glass” in your hotel room.  Plastic cups are fine, but not the glasses.  If you don’t understand why, Google it–I won’t put the disgusting details here.

3. Kick the comforter off the bed, and then wipe down the phone, remote and door handles with a sanitizing wipe or spray.  Again, Google it if you want to be disgusted.

4. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it.  You can’t perform well without enough rest.

5. Avoid fried foods, get some extra fruit to keep with you, and eat dinner early rather than later at night.

6. Consider eating kiwis a couple times a day.  Kiwis offer great health benefits, especially for those who are traveling.

7. Work out!  Most hotels now have a decent gym, and even 20-30 minutes a day makes a difference.  Set the alarm just 30 minutes early and you will reap the benefits.

by Jeff Dousharm, President

Tiger Rock


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