Of course we all think of family, the things we are thankful for the tons of food etc.  But, there is another element to Thanksgiving that I like.  If you are reading this article you are likely someone who is “competitive” in life and business.  So you are someone who may really plug into this idea.  I work with some of my coaching clients on this very idea:  “Use Thanksgiving as the springboard to get ahead of the competition!”

Many people wait until New Year’s to set goals and try to achieve more.  So get ahead of these people by starting in November.  Consider the following:

1. Work out as if you are paid to….because you are!  Stop the excuse “I don’t have time”.  It’s a FACT that when we work out we end up with more energy and focus and work at a much faster pace.  Working out just 2-3 times a week can really make a difference in your ability to get more done for you business, and this helps us get ahead of the competition who are tired all the time!

2. If you start watching what you eat and working out a bit more in November, then you will look better at all the holiday parties and get-togethers while other people are struggling to fit into their clothes…..winning duh!

3. If you own a business or are in sales, we often have a TON of work to do around Christmas to send out cards or to send out new year’s cards.  Be different by sending these out for Thanksgiving instead—they stand out more that way!  Then when you are already stressed out around Christmas/Hanukah etc. you can relieve yourself of this “one more thing” and having less stress of this kind is always a healthy thing!

4. New Year’s Resolutions usually fail.  Too many people think there is some magic around New Year’s and don’t take enough personal accountability to make things happen.  Besides this, any resolutions dealing with weight loss are already starting at a loss because people ate like there was no tomorrow during November and December.  So, if you start eating just a bit healthier and working out more NOW, then when Jan 1st comes you are already WAYYYYY ahead of everyone else, and it feels good to be ahead right?

5. Finally, health is one of the greatest gifts you can give not just to yourself, but also to your family and people who care about you.

We have all experienced loss in our families.  What would you give to have that person still in your life?  And what are you willing to do so you don’t cause that same pain to others in your life by dying years ahead of your time?  The facts clearly show that most illnesses and problems related to our early demise could have been avoided with better lifestyle choices and healthier habits.  So instead of buying someone a toy or diamond earrings or a new tie and thinking your job is done, consider giving them more years of YOU because this is what they really want and need.  So make some healthier choices and do something/anything to workout this November and carry those habits through the holidays.

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