Everyone has the right to defend themselves! But do you have the ability?

August is just around the corner and this brings changes in how people operate.  Kids go back to school, colleges go back in session, most day care regimens change.  This also impacts adults because of the responsibilities in our schedules.  Even if you don’t have kids, you are impacted by these changes because of the events that start happening around the community and the patterns of activities with kids, colleges, and even retail commerce.

So, what does all of this have to do with the right or the ability to defend yourself?   When there are changes, seemingly random events, higher concentrations of people, and transitions in our daily lives this creates opportunities for those who are looking for a victim.

Some people believe that bad things only happen to bad people, or only to people who go to bad places.  This actually adds to the risk of becoming a victim because of what I call the “not me” mentality.  Once we admit that there is a real threat or potential for violence, theft, or crime against us, we have to start coming up with answers.

Most can agree that we have the RIGHT to defend ourselves.  The questions or issues that confuse people are “when is this justified?” and “to what level are we legally allowed to defend ourselves?”  I advise people to have these questions answered for yourself long before you are in any situation.  Once the situation occurs, it’s time to take the action you have decided.  Beyond these two questions is a much bigger issue that is often missed:

Do you have the ABILITY to defend yourself or your loved ones?

Very few people will honestly answer the question above or will fool themselves into believing they do and that in a real situation the adrenaline will allow them to do it by any means necessary.  Unfortunately they don’t have the means.  I am not encouraging everyone to take on a Dirty Harry persona and start carrying a .44 Magnum around with them all day and asking who feels lucky, but to honestly assess your abilities to defend yourself and your loved ones.  If you were getting out of your car and suddenly had an elbow put into your throat and were pressed against your car, do you know what to do and could you do it?   What if it was your wife or your child….do you have an answer and the ability to do something to protect them?  There are many things private citizens can do to prepare themselves and in fact one of the most important tools has more to do with mindset and the trained ability of how to read and respond to situations.  Think of your skillset as your toolbox.  If I went to a mechanic and all he had was a hammer I would be concerned.  We all need to have multiple tools in our toolbox because not every situation is going to be the same or justify the same response.  So, take the time to think about this and seek out resources for education and training.  There are many self defense seminars, ongoing classes, pepper spray seminars, firearms training, knife training, baton training and an endless list of options.  Find what works for you and continue to learn and prepare if your safety and that of your loved ones is important to you!  If you’d like additional recommendations based on your own personal needs or interests I would be happy to help.  Simply contact me at the email address below!

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