This column will focus on Health, Fitness and Safety so we can find a more balanced and successful life for ourselves and our families!

Last month we started on the equation to reach your health/fitness goals and this month we will expand on “Nutrition and Supplements”:

When it comes to nutrition, stop thinking in terms of “diets”, because most of us think of some short term fix that involves a painful process of self-denial.  “Diets” DO NOT WORK in the long run.  If you aren’t willing to make a specific change for the rest of your life, then don’t bother doing it.  Healthy lifestyles are about LONG TERM NUTRITION CHOICES.

The good news is that part of nutritional planning is actually having “cheat” meals.  This helps us keep our sanity and is actually good for our body.  About 10-20% cheat meals throughout the week is good for you. The mistake some make is cheating for 60-80% of the meals!

Here is a quick list of how to shape up the 80% “good” meals.

1. Lower your carbs!  Most Americans eat way too much sugar and refined carbs.  Toss the bun from burgers or  sandwiches, avoid pasta and cereal, and avoid sauces that carry tons of carbs and trans fats.

2. Up your Protein! Men and women need a good amount of protein to support active lifestyles.  Our body MUST have protein and if you don’t feed it to your body it will break down the muscle tissue you do have to get it!

3. Eat the right fats!  There are good fats and bad fats.  Trans Fats=REALLY BAD, Saturated Fat=BAD, Unsaturated Fat=GOOD!  Of particular interest are Omega 3s.  These are very necessary for recovery, fighting inflammation, brain function and more.  Fish and seafood are a great source.

4. Water! Gadgets “guaranteed” to make you lose weight, put in small print that you must drink a large amount of water.  They know that hydrating  helps with weight loss big time, but then want to give the credit to the gadget!  Shoot for one ounce of water per pound of bodyweight!  The results will amaze you.

Nutritional Supplements:

Some people believe we can get “all the things we need just by eating right.”  They also believe in the tooth fairy.  In the real world, our food supply is over processed and the whole trend of convenience has generally robbed many food items of their nutritional value.  We know that our nutrition plan is not going to be perfect.  Thankfully, scientists have put together supplements that help us get what we need.

There are FIVE major supplements that you should consider.  They aren’t glamorous and they aren’t some miracle cure.  However, if you take them, you may find some pretty big differences in how you feel, how you look and how fast your reach your goals.

1. multi-vitamin/mineral

2. fish oil (omega 3s)

3. probiotic

4. protein/meal replacement

5. antioxidants

Once you have this foundation down, you can look at other supplements for working out or for your own specific needs and goals.  We are fortunate in Lincoln and Omaha to have some great local sources for supplements.  Big box stores and high volume outlets are NOT usually a good source.  They might be a bit cheaper, but how good are vitamins that you literally end up flushing down the toilet?  There are great specialized nutrition stores and also people who work in the nutrition and supplement industry that can help you reach your goals.  So, find someone knowledgeable and trustworthy and look into adding these to your daily intake and nutrition plan

Check out next month’s issue of Strictly Business for info on “Stress Relief”.

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