Each year things change and every year things stay the same.  What that really means is no matter how much technology and toys advance each year, we face many of the same problems and challenges.  What that means to you is that the solutions should also be the same…and the good news is they are!

Every year I get older.  Every year it’s my goal to get a little wiser.  And by wiser I mean learning from my own mistakes and also from the mistakes of others so I’m not doomed to repeat them.  I’ve always enjoyed observing people.  Maybe it’s because observing reminds me of word problems in math (yes, I actually enjoyed math in school).  Remember those word problems?  “If Sally has 3 candy canes and Jack steals 1, how far will he get before she smacks him?”   Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite like that, but my point is that I like seeing how actions lead to results and how often one can see things coming before they happens.

So what does this all have to do with Christmas and the holiday season?  Each year I see and hear many of the same trends.  The technology and toys may be different, but the problems and challenges are mostly the same.  So, for this month, I thought I would address 3 of the top challenges I’ve seen and heard over the past years and some recommendations to help.

Problem/Challenge #1

You spend a lot of money buying toys for your children because you love them and want to provide the best you can as they are growing up.  Then the problem hits when the kids break the toys, stop playing with them in less than a month or worst of all bury themselves in video games or technology and become anti-social.  This is a common issue that pretty much every family faces.  I think it’s important to buy kids some fun toys etc., but I believe we need balance.  One of the greatest gifts a parent or family can give their kids is doing something together as a family.   For bonus points, make that activity have something to do with exercise or fitness.  This has benefits all around.  It sets the example for the kids and the whole family has something to bond over.  Maybe it’s something as simple as committing to a weekly family bike ride.  Maybe it’s something as exciting as Martial Arts.  Whatever it is, it will last longer than the toys and it will have a lifetime of benefits.  So when thinking about gifts for Christmas….or even a gift you can give for New Year’s, look for activities where everyone can get the benefits of great exercise.

Problem/Challenge #2

You bought yourself or your spouse a big expensive piece of exercise equipment, and after just a few weeks it’s actually being used to hold clothes for ironing.  This is very common.  Many others have done it too so don’t feel bad.  Buying exercise equipment for home is a great idea in theory but few people have the drive to keep using it every day…..the motivation simply fades and there is no one to help you.  So if you’re looking for the gift to give your spouse or family for Christmas or as part of a New Year’s resolution, look to the professionals around town.  Kickboxing, bootcamps, taekwondo classes, yoga, personal trainers etc. all have a big advantage over exercise equipment for the home.  If they have good instructors, the programs will help keep you motivated, and get you back in class to stick to your goals.  Why take on the challenge by yourself when you could have a team help you.  This is why people see more results when they train with professionals in class or even one on one.  Tiger Rock Academy and personal trainers are just two examples of places you can find programs to match your goals.

Problem/Challenge #3

Holidays = STRESS.  We all feel this in one way or another.  Stress from end of year deadlines and goals.  Stress from holiday shopping.  Stress from family get togethers.  Stress from holiday eating.  It all adds up, so plan ahead to win.  When you know you’ll be getting hit by more stress do three simple things.  First, plan more breaks for yourself, whether it’s time to relax or even more sleep.  Second, drink more water…sounds silly but your body gets even more stressed when you are dehydrated.  Third, take a walk or do something to get your body moving…exercise releases endorphins that blast away stress as they make the whole body feel better.

by Jeff Dousharm, President

Tiger Rock


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