Sometimes we get so busy it’s hard to keep our health and fitness goals on track.  One of the main reasons is because we have abstract or soft goals.  By soft I don’t mean that we want our midsections to stay soft, but rather we set goals like “I want to get into better shape”…..and that’s not really a goal, it’s a wish.  Goals have deadlines.  Additionally, there is generally little immediate consequence to not hitting our goals of health and fitness, we just roll them back again and again.

So how do we set better goals and push ourselves harder?  The answer is by tapping into the natural competitiveness of most entrepreneurs, executives, sales staff and just about anyone in business.  By nature, those involved in business and sales often take the mentality of “kill or be killed” and when we get in that mode, we find ways to win.  So do the same with your health and fitness to tap into this natural competitiveness and driving power.  One of the simplest ways to do this is by registering for races or different events.  There are many opportunities to do so and you can find what works best for you.  Just by registering, you make a commitment, and then your competitiveness will back it up by pushing you to get to the gym, to practice, to train, to eat better….because on “game day” you will refuse to show up and embarrass yourself.  Your “win” is winning over your excuses and setbacks.

You may win the race for your age group or you may not, but it doesn’t even matter.  Every day people find all kinds of reasons not to go to the gym or not to train or why it’s ok for them to eat garbage foods.  But when our conscience reminds us that we are “in training” we take on a different paradigm or mindset where we raise the bar on what’s acceptable in our life.  To push yourself even more, tell other people you are  doing it and invite them as well.  This provides more people for you to beat and more importantly builds the social accountability aspect of your training.

Some of the more well-known opportunities to compete and push ourselves include Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Angry Cow Adventures, Cornhusker State Games, and of course the new challenge that many people are talking about, WAYMO Challenge (  that has it’s next race on June 23rd in Eagle, NE.

When looking at the different options out there, decide what is important to you and evaluate what you want or need.  A few key points I recommend for consideration include:

1. Is it safe for you to compete in

2. Do they offer varying levels of difficulty so you can dial it up or down based on your own personal level or age bracket

3. Are there teen or kids versions so you can get everyone involved (if you want to of course)

4. Do they offer any kind of social connection to help stay motivated either online or offline

5. Do they offer any additional training or nutritional support (not just selling you a supplement program or magic pill for the latest weight loss or get rich quick scam)

6. Are they local or at least tied in with local businesses to support the community or do they just blow through town and move on?

This year, push yourself, enter some of the challenges and see how much more consistent you are in your training and commitment to better nutrition so that you prepare to compete!

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