The Nebraska Department of Labor–What You Need to Know About SIDES E-Response

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The Nebraska Department of Labor ( ) has instituted SIDES E-Response, a paperless method employers can use to respond to requests for employee separation information pertaining to unemployment insurance claims.

What is SIDES E-Response? SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System) E-Response is a free, paperless method of receiving and responding to requests for employee separation information from the Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL). These requests are sent after an employee files an unemployment insurance claim. SIDES E-Response allows employers to receive email requests for separation information instead of paper forms (UI-350s), and to respond electronically by clicking a link in their email.

Why should my company use SIDES E-Response? SIDES E-Response is paperless and there is no charge to employers for using it. E-Response helps prevent unemployment benefit overpayments and in turn helps keep your unemployment insurance taxes low. It speeds up the processing of separation information, helping you meet the 10-day response deadline, keep your appeal rights, and avoid unnecessary charges to your Experience Account.

How do I sign up for E-Response? Go to to register through UIConnect, Nebraska’s online portal for employers. If you’re a new employer and don’t have a 10-digit Nebraska Employer Account Number, you can apply for one at

After logging into UIConnect, go to the Benefit Center tab and click on the SIDES E-Response button to enter the email address that should receive any requests for separation information. Keep your SIDES access code in a safe place because you’ll need it to submit your responses.

My company is small and we don’t have very many separations. Why should I sign up for SIDES E-Response?  Just one late response to a separation request can lead to an improper benefit payment and impact your bottom line. Employers who respond late to separation requests lose their appeal rights.

I represent a large company that has a lot of separations. Can I use SIDES E-Response?  Yes, employers of any size can use E-Response if not already using a Third Party Administrator (TPA) such as Equifax or ADP Payroll Services.

How do I submit separation information with SIDES E-Response? When an employee files a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, you’ll receive an email from the Nebraska Department of Labor requesting separation information. Be sure to add to your safe sender list so the emails don’t end up in your junk mail.

To respond, click the link in your email and log in.  An instructional video is available at Contact the NDOL SIDES E-Response Help Desk at (402) 471-9910 or if you have any questions about SIDES E-Response.

What if my company requires that multiple staff members be notified of a request for separation information? Employers may need to have their IT department set up a special email account for SIDES E-Response requests that multiple staff members can access.

What if my company needs to have more than one staff member enter information for an E-Response? While each employer is only issued one PIN/access code, the employer can share the login credentials so that each staff member can complete his or her portion of the response. Anytime the Back, Next, or Go buttons are clicked, the information entered is saved, so one employee can log out and another can log in and pick up where the last person left off.

What if I forget/misplace my access code? Contact the NDOL SIDES E-Response Help Desk at (402) 471-9910 or

Once I’m registered for SIDES E-Response, how can I change/update my email contact information? Log in to UIConnect, go to the Benefit Center and click the Update button at the top of the screen.

For more information on the Nebraska Department of Labor visit or to register for SIDES E-Response, visit

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