Echo Systems – Delivers on Business Technology

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Echo Systems – Delivers on Business Technology

Echo Systems ( is the region’s leader in residential and commercial technology and lighting.

Echo Systems is committed to building long-term relationships with their clients. Strong core values drive them to deliver an unparalleled client experience on every project. Specializing in the latest electronic shading solutions, audio & video distribution, control systems for any sized space and so much more. For Echo’s team of professionals it’s about helping people look at the bigger picture and working with a realistic budget to get clients what they really need. Acoustics, lighting, shades, room flexibility, and technology are commonly overlooked attributes to commercial remodeling endeavors. Many companies seek to find the short-term, lowest-cost solution and find themselves in the “good enough” category. This critical misconception causes companies to lean towards “workarounds,” which can lead to grossly falling short of meeting the company’s needs. Echo Systems places high value on integrity, accountability, pursuit of excellence, teamwork and embracing positive change. With a passion and dedication to each client, Echo Systems pulls ahead of the competition.

Their state-of-the-art Experience Center offers clients an expansive view of the different ways they incorporate technology into the workplace. Examples include an executive conference room, sophisticated door access systems, as well as video surveillance and conferencing.

“The Experience Center is a piece we can offer that others can’t. There are many aspects of technology that are difficult to describe and can only be understood by experiencing it,” said John Palser, Vice President of Echo Systems.

If you’ve had a chance to visit Omaha’s Do Space, you’ll find more of their work. Echo Systems was an integral part of the design, procurement and implementation of the media and signage solutions at the Do Space.  Jeremy Holt, the primary technology vendor and lead technical engineer on this project from Five Nines, was able to collaborate with Echo Systems throughout the entire process.  “Echo Systems listened to the needs of the client and worked with our team to design a solution that was easy to manage, yet powerful in its capabilities.  From the build of the hardware and software, to the layout of the server room, to the power and cooling requirements, to the management and end user experience, Echo Systems provided the highest quality of service.  I look forward to working with Echo Systems again on future projects, and I know the level of quality and service we will get will be excellent.”

Echo Systems employs some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, working together under a shared philosophy that they must think long term and outside of the box when presenting solutions to potential partners. They build relationships on trust and continue to evaluate and evolve to meet the changing demands of commercial technology.

If you are considering a commercial remodel or looking to find the right fit while in the planning phase, visit the Experience Center in Echo Systems ( at 4315 S 120th Street in Omaha or call 402.334.4900 to learn more!

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