Du-Rite Electric was founded in 1958 by Tracie’s maternal grandparents, Roger and Marlene Charbonneau. The company has been in its Elkhorn, Nebraska location since 1977. After helping the company out on an occasional basis over the years, Tracie formally joined Du-Rite in December of 2005 as an owner and Vice-President. Tracie’s partners in Du-Rite include her mother, Valerie Malesa, and her father, Edward Malesa. Tracie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in Online Marketing and numerous business related certifications.

One of Tracie’s visions for the company was expanding its customer base into the government sector, knowing that they could offer a cost effective option for government entities. With the help of the local PTAC office, Du-Rite Electric is now a GSA Contract holder registered on the CCR and ORCA. Additionally, Du-Rite is registered as a Tier 2 company with the City of Omaha, and has obtained a Woman Owned Small Business certification. Some of the company’s recent contracts have been with the General Services Administration in the Edward Zorinksy Federal Building in Omaha, the Roman L. Hruska Federal Courthouse in Omaha, the Robert Denney Federal Building and Courthouse in Lincoln and the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission.

Du-Rite Electric is licensed in Nebraska and Iowa and has proudly served local metropolitan homeowners, builders and contractors for their residential and commercial electrical needs. Du-Rite prides itself on providing quality products and services for fair and competitive prices. We believe in “doing right” by our customers – going the extra mile is a service requirement not an option!

Tracie Malesa never imagined that one day she would be the Vice-President and an owner in her family’s electrical contracting business, Du-Rite Electric. As little girls, Tracie and her sister would play “office” all the time. They would hold business meetings,
schedule pretend service calls, create invoices and pay bills. This was one of their favorite things to do and had a lot of fun with it! Tracie’s sister is now the Director of Operations for the company and often joke about how ironic it is that they are now actually working in the “office” they pretended to run so long ago.

For more information on Du-Rite Electric please visit their website at www.DuriteElectric.com or contact them at (402) 289 – 2251 or info@DuriteElectric.com.