Thank goodness, spring is here! I am pretty sure that most people in Nebraska are with me on this one.  Emerging from the kind of winter we all endured this year, everyone at Strictly Business Magazine is excited about this month’s issue.  We hope to entice you to come out of hibernation with a renewed sense of industry as we approach spring.  One of our feature stories will focus on spring landscaping, so please check out some of the great ideas that the experts have presented for giving your home or business a refreshed or new look for the season.  As spring represents new beginnings, how appropriate that one of our feature stories focuses on high school and college graduation, the beginning of a new phase of life for many members in our families. This story will give parents and guardians many great ideas for making this long-awaited event most memorable.  Speaking of a new phase in life, the last feature story addresses planned life changes and offers a good selection of the available services and resources we need to make those dreams come true, whether you are planning to build a new home for your family, planning to get married or planning to retire.

I am glad that it worked out where I received the pleasure of writing this issue’s letter from the staff (my very first). This occasion is in keeping with the idea of new beginnings.  I recently was adopted into the family of Strictly Business Magazine!  I have the perfect job that fits my skills and personality, plus I work with the best staff and get to meet some of the best people who are our clients! From a wider perspective, I feel very lucky to be living in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I hail from Jamaica originally and while on internship in Columbus, Ohio, I met my husband, Carlos, just before he moved to Nebraska to attend UNL almost 11 years ago.  At the beginning of his second semester in graduate school, I joined him.  After graduate school, we made a deliberate decision to settle in Lincoln where we have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some of the best people whom we think of as friends.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know all the wonderful clients of Strictly Business Magazine, and I hope you enjoy our April issue.