Welcome to what will HOPEFULLY be the last of the really cold months!  I know I am always ready for spring shortly after the holidays are over, but we’ll see what Mother Nature has in mind for us.  The two of us usually don’t agree on when winter should end!

February can be a tough month as Christmas is over, the warm weather has not yet arrived, and the only holiday (which is not an enjoyable one in some people’s opinions) is Valentine’s Day.  However, I always like to make this day into a positive no matter where I am in my life.  Who says you can’t celebrate the day with your friends or kids?  After all, it’s a day all about spending time with those you love!  Our Valentine’s Day story will give you all some ideas on what you can do this year, whether it’s with a significant other or others you are close to.

We’re also kicking off our Construction Series (which I’m very excited about this year!) with our Building Maintenance/Upgrade feature, exploring Senior Wellness and giving some tips for those brides to be.  There really is something for everyone in this edition of Strictly Business!  As always, we appreciate our readers and clients and their loyalty and I personally can’t wait to see all the exciting things we’ll be able to accomplish together in 2014!