It’s not WHAT you know, It’s WHO  you know AND WHO  knows You.

No doubt growing up you heard this saying over and over again and how true it is still today. That is what Strictly Business Magazine is and has always been about… connecting the great businesses and business people of Omaha.  We are a forum /place where we can all to get to know each other better and in turn enrich all of our lives.  We are the voice of the local business community; creating and publishing interesting and valuable content and news to our readers and in turn providing a platform for local businesses to promote their exceptional products and services. We seek out the best of the best companies in Omaha to showcase to you and in every case it’s the people behind the “brand” that make our companies excel and those are the stories we know you want to read.   We know these people and they are some of the most honest, smart, funny and inspiring people you’ll ever be associated with.

From the bottom on my soul let me personally thank you for being a reader, advocate, client, partner, and friend.  Because with without your support ,  none of this would be possible.  And we just love our job working for you!

So thank you for the opportunity!