Welcome to our May issue! I would like to say spring is here, but since it snowed last night hopefully by the time you receive this magazine you will be enjoying milder weather too.  Our feature stories this month have a focus on the arrival of spring, which is the perfect time for Building Your Dream Home, and also a variety of information on women’s issue in honor of Mother’s Day.  Since we may skip right through spring and into summer rather quickly this year, it is the perfect time to think about planning summer activities for your kids and we have that covered as well!

With the change in season comes more changes in the office.  Angela Woltman, who has been our editor for the Lincoln magazine for 13 years and the editor for our Omaha magazine since it started, will be transitioning into a marketing consultant role with more of a focus on our Omaha magazine.  Rest assured, she is still a big part of our magazine!  However, she will no longer be our main writer so she can focus on developing relationships with her clients and help grow our Omaha magazine.  We know Angela will do wonderful in her new role and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

On that note, we would like to welcome Amanda Wilson as our newest editorial contact and contributing writer.  She has already been a great addition to our Strictly Business team, and will be working hard to ensure we are still covering all of the exciting business news and events that Lincoln and Omaha have to offer.
We are definitely looking forward to the new growth that spring offers, both in our office and in our partnerships with local businesses and our readers.  As always, I hope you enjoy this issue!

Paige Zutavern