I can’t believe it’s already springtime.  I have been waiting for (and dreading) this time for 18 years as the time has finally come for my oldest child to graduate from high school.  Of course this is a bittersweet time as Schyler will be graduating, but it’s also exciting as he begins his journey to adulthood.  There is so much to prepare for when your child is graduating, and so it is only fitting that we are featuring a story on planning your child’s graduation in this month’s magazine.  I know that I am completely overwhelmed by the process as I’m sure are most parents who are in the same situation.  Hopefully this feature will help those frazzled parents out!

Spring is also the time for the flowers to bloom and for the grass to begin getting green again, so our Spring Landscaping feature is always a fun one for us to write.  Make sure you take a look to see what you need to be doing to get your outdoors ready for the warm weather.
Our final feature is on Planned Life Changes, which includes anything from caring for aging parents to looking for a new career.  If you have a major life change coming up, make sure you give this a read to find which professionals you should be working with.

I look forward to a wonderful spring and summer season and can’t wait for all the fun stuff we have coming up.  Enjoy the weather and congratulations to all the new graduates, especially my oldest son Schyler!!  I’m so proud of you!