As you’ve probably noticed, we have a little something different going on on our front cover this month!  I’m so excited to announce the Big Red Business feature in our publication as this project has been my ‘baby’ and one that I’ve been working on since October of 2011!

The feature is all about former Husker football players who are now in business in the Omaha area.  Although there is a little bit of that football nostalgia attached, we really want the focus to be on who they are now and how they can help you with a multitude of needs.  It’s been so fun to play detective and find out where these guys are and what they’re doing.  They’ve all been great at helping me locate other former players and giving me advice and feedback on this inaugural feature.  I think you’ll find it interesting to read all about them!

In addition to the feature, we are also holding a Big Red Business event on August 25th in Lincoln at Anderson Ford North.  The guys in this feature and the ones in our Lincoln feature will be there to sign autographs, have their pictures taken with participants and, most importantly, visit about what they’re doing today!  Make sure to get your tickets soon, it will be a great event.  Visit our website or give the office a call for more information or to reserve your ticket!

And while you’re at it, visit our Facebook page and give us your feedback on what you think of our first annual Big Red Business feature!