We recently held one of our regular Press Release Seminars in Omaha a couple of weeks ago, which is a free event we offer to clients and non-clients alike. Presenting at this seminar just reminded me again how very important press releases are for every business. Not only do you get to share all of your exciting news with thousands of people, but you also get to continue to build your brand and educate people on what you do. When the time comes for them to buy the products or services you offer (or to recommend them to a friend or family member who is buying), who do you think they will buy from? A business that has been educating them over the past four or five months on what they do or another business that they know nothing about? They are almost always going to choose the first one. Knowledge is power, and by utilizing press releases effectively, your business has more power than your competitors!

Our staff is always more than happy to assist with press releases. Whether you know you have some news and just don’t know how to write it or you know you need to generate some news but just don’t know what to report on, our team can provide advice, assistance and even write the release for you. Who would say no to a press release that’s not only free, but that also requires no work on your part?

We’d also like to encourage everyone who has not yet attended one of our seminars to get in touch with us to learn when the next one is. We plan on having them every 2-3 months. Just email me at angelaw@strictlybusinessomaha.com and I would be happy to give you more information and sign you up to attend!

Angela Woltman
Editor/Vice President of Operations/Account Executive