First of all, congratulations to all of our Best Dressed 2011 winners!! We had such a great turnout for our Best Dressed event at Scottish Rite and it was so good to see everyone. Make sure you take some time to congratulate all the winners and learn more about them in our Look of Success article this month!

The holidays are coming closer and closer and we all have upcoming parties on our minds! Luckily, we have a story that will be able to help you out! Our Holiday Parties article will offer up some fun and unique ideas for your own corporate holiday party.

Our next story is for all you athletes out there as well as for parents who have kids participating in sports. Our Sports Health story discusses how to prepare yourself or your kids to best succeed in your chosen sport and, more importantly, how to stay safe!

Finally, our Supporting Your Local Economy article is a great resource for all those who want to keep their money local! We’ll talk about why it’s so important to shop local both for products and services and give you some great local businesses who would love to serve you!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and getting all geared up for a wonderful holiday season!